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Feature Article Build, Adapt, Change: Masonry for Contemporary Architecture BY SCOTT CONWELL, ALA, FAIA, LEED AP B rick, stone, and tile are classic building materials as old as architecture itself, defining our built environment from the earliest of ages. Timeless as they may be, however, masonry materials, design applications, and construction techniques have evolved. Masonry today has emerged as one of the most relevant, innovative, and high performing systems providing the best solution for today's design and construction environment. Triple-wythe and thicker solid brick walls that served as a building's structure and its weatherproof barrier may have defined the classic masonry wall in decades past, but today's masonry wall is replete with high performing technologies like ventilation, air barrier, and drainage capabilities, and even an integrated structural system. Today's masonry drainage wall, or cavity wall, is one example of a modern masonry system able to meet the design and energy requirements set forth in the International Building Code, the Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures (TMS 402/ACI 530.1), and the International Energy Conservation Code. By design, cavity walls employ a redundant and sophisticated moisture management system comprising elements that are code-required and often going above and beyond code requirements. The cladding, which is often a brick veneer, may be designed to minimize moisture infiltration, but it may also Summer 2016 | Licensed Architect | 27

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