Licensed Architect - Fall 2016 - (Page cover1)

A Publication of the Association of Licensed Architects Fall 2016 Checklist for Owner/ Contractor Agreements Accessibility in Hospitals Continuing Education: Evolution of Sustainability and Architecture Assessment/Repair of Historic Plaster Managing for Happiness

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Licensed Architect - Fall 2016

President’s Message
Legal Issues Checklist for Owner/Contractor Agreements
ADA Advice Accessibility in Hospitals and Doctors' Offices
Featured Architects
Continuing Education Evolution of Sustainability and Architecture
ALA Continuing Education Providers/ ALA New Members
Insurance Did you Hear That?
Second Chances for Buildings Assessment Repair of Historic Plaster – Part 1
Firm Management Managing for Happiness
Feature Article Inspiring Images – Professional Photography Pays for Itself
2016 Student Merit Awards
Index of Advertisers

Licensed Architect - Fall 2016