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ADA Advice here bathing facilities are provided, the International Building Code® (IBC) requires that at least one is accessible according to ICC A117.1. Options include a transfer shower, roll-in shower, alternate roll-in showers, bathtubs with removable seats, and bathtubs with fixed seats. Provisions for accessible bathing facilities, including those in recreational facilities and accessible units, are the same. With the exception of planning for grab bars and seats to be installed later, provisions for bathing facilities in a Type A units are also the same. Type B units require much less. To limit this discussion, I would like to examine accessible showers. Some of the provisions discussed will not apply to showers within Type B units, such as stall size, thresh- olds and access to controls. This article will go into the reasons behind the requirements and some common difficulties encountered with installing shower stalls. Some of these issues are not addressed specifically in the standard, so portions of this discussion are interpretations or will pose questions. It is often the small details that can be difficult or challenging. These details, particularly with installation, can be a concern when trying to meet requirements in the standard. Accessible Showers: The Devil is in the Details BY KIMBERLY PAARLBERG, RA ICC SENIOR STAFF ARCHITECT 10 | Licensed Architect | Winter 2015

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