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Insurance "Go" "No-Go" Project Evaluation BY DAN BUELOW D esign firms vary in their approach to this basic yet complex process of evaluating a given project and making a "go" or "no-go" determination. Some firms have no formal process in place while other firms have well established and detailed procedures in place. My advice is that every firm should be at least somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. Without a formal process of evaluating whether or not it makes good business sense to take on a given client and project, a Design Firm's risks of having a claim increases significantly. Does your firm have a specific process in place for evaluating whether or not to go after and accept a new project? If so, how is this process managed and do all members of your staff understand and follow these procedures? Have you ever taken on a client or project that you wished you never had? Do you continually refine your "go" "no-go" procedures to incorporate any "lessons learned" 42 | Licensed Architect | Winter 2015 from past projects - including those you wish you never took on? These are all good questions when it comes to your firm's Project Evaluation process. I would suggest that it's as much as an art as it is a science when it comes to determining whether or not a Design Firm should take on a given project or jump in bed with a new client. Often it comes down to "trusting your gut". One thing for certain is that in the event you do take on a project and get dragged into a claim and/or a client dispute, your firm stands to lose a great deal of time and money. A Sample Project Evaluator We had a client that had a rash of claims that resulted in their Professional Liability insurance carrier issuing them a notice that they were going to be non-renewed. The firm was in a bad place

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Second Chances: Evaluating Repair Approaches for Historic and Contemporary Window Systems
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Licensed Architect - Winter 2015