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FRESH IDEAS ALM Board of Directors President Randy Wendland, CLLM ABM Healthcare Support Services Sr. Vice President Cindy Molko, RLLD, CLLM Mayo Clinic Vice President Graham Skinner, RLLD Crothall Laundry Services Secretary Wm. Shane Woodson, RLLD SourceAmerica CFO Richard Bott, CLLM, RLLD Intermountain Central Laundry Director Nathan Rivers, CLLM, RLLD Bay Pines VAMC Director Doug Story Gurtler Industries, Inc. Calendar of Events January 20 - Webinar Hospital Trends: How Uniform Programs Affect Patient Satisfaction Scores & Outcomes January 29 - February 19 ALM online voting for Board Members & Bylaws changes February 28 - March 2 IMPACT - ALM Educational Conference in Phoenix, AZ LINDA FAIRBANKS AS WE WELCOME A NEW year, it brings an opportunity to improve on the past year... a fresh start. Many things are changing at ALM, each of them designed to maximize our best resources to fit the needs of today's industry, utilize our leadership and wealth of knowledge to lead the industry forward. You've already seen the fabulous cover for 2016's Buyer's Guide. And one thing we don't intend to change and that is the value we place in one of our greatest resources... the wealth of knowledge passed down from one generation to the next as depicted here. The knowledge from these pillars of information will be translated into learning platforms to ensure our future is built on solid foundations. I encourage you to take the time and dig into John F. Dini's piece on Winning the Talent Wars. Short of checking your college student's curriculum for the Bruce Springsteen theology course, we believe you'll find some serious tactics that can help us all to win this great struggle. And as we conclude this first year of our "return to print", we're thrilled to be able to provide you with one of the most comprehensive printed industry Buyer's Guide available. Thank you to our allied trades partners who are so loyal through their continued support, both financially and educationally, and for continuing to encourage those entering the industry to learn the industry through ALM. Happy New Year! See you in Phoenix! ALM Executive Director Linda Fairbanks March 23 - Webinar Improving Wash Outcomes Through Enzyme Use For more information see WINTER 2016 fresh 7

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Fresh Ideas
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All in the Family: The Lineage of Laundry Professionals
Efficiencies & Innovations in Textile Processing
Winning the Talent Wars
ALM Buyer’s Guide
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Fresh - Winter 2015