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COVER STORY ELIMINATING THE “FEAR FACTOR” VoIP Communications for Disaster Recovery & Security BY JIM MORRIS O N OCTOBER 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy completely devastated portions of the Northeast. New York City subway stations, tunnels and building basements were overcome by flood waters, rendering much of the city’s telecom infrastructure useless. Internet and phone services ceased across much of the hardest hit areas. Utilities were preemptively shut off to avoid fires as workers scrambled to keep up with the rising waters. The effects were devastating. Even now, several months later, some services have still 6 | v i e w t h i s i s s u e a t | not been restored. This was the scenario on Fulton Street, the location of Citation Re, LLC, a subsidiary of Jimcor Agency, Inc., CMGA. Days before the storm, Jimcor had deployed Alteva’s hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system in its downtown Manhattan location. This was the eighth and final Jimcor office to move from a decade old, premise-based, phone system to Alteva’s hosted VoIP solution. Despite the devastation and communications outages across the city, Citation Re’s employees were able to make and receive calls without interruption and work seamlessly from their homes or other Jimcor locations. “The new Alteva system was a valuable asset for us during the storm. Our office was closed for a month due to 8 feet of water in the basement. Due to the fact that Alteva maintains voicemail off site, we were able to transfer all calls to our cell phones and conduct business as usual,” said James McAloon, Executive Vice President, Citation Re. The same scenario played out in a number of other Jimcor offices, which were without power or Internet, or both. At Jimcor’s headquarters in Montvale, NJ, employees were also operating in emergency mode. Despite being without power, the

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Cover Story: Eliminating the "Fear Factor;" VoIP Communications for Disaster Recovery & Security
How Did We Underwrite Before the Internet?
Have You Ever Felt Like You're in the Software Business Instead of the Insurance Business?
The MGA Community at the Crossroads
When Sandy Became a Superstorm but not a Hurricane: The Effects on Deductibles
Howto Succeed in Program Business
Your Hidden Sales Force: 5 Steps to Developing "Super" Production Underwriters
Blessings in Disguise: Why Vintage Workers are Creating a New Economic Solution for the Wholesale Insurance Industry
In the WIN-ners Circle: An Interview with Todd Bateson
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