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FEATURE EMERGING TRENDS: THE HAVING THE REQUIRED WEB SERVICES TO CHECK ON THE STATUS OF A SUBMISSION, AN ENDORSEMENT AND A PREMIUM AUDIT ARE WHERE INVESTMENTS SHOULD BE MADE. BY GREG RICKER, CPCU I N THE WINTER 2014 issue of WIN Magazine, we introduced you to the Emerging Issues & Trends (EIT) Committee recently formed within AAMGA. As the rate of change is ever-increasing, your association thought it was prudent to have a group actively looking at these to help provide awareness and education for our members. If you haven't read the Winter 2014 edition of this publication, I encourage you to do so (see sidebar on page 15). While the focus of the EIT committee is on business trends, the same questions are being asked on the technology side of our business. I routinely hear the question, "What do you think is the next big thing in technology for our industry? " While we all wish for clear direction from our crystal ball, life doesn't work that way. As the EIT committee started discussing emerging trends and issues, it became clear that several of those trends were brought on due to advancements in technology. When you look at autonomous cars, 3D printers and drones, each has created unique exposures and challenges for our industry. 12 | v i e w t h i s i s s u e a t | For example, if a car drives itself, how does one gain three years driving experience in order to get past an inexperienced operator surcharge? If a customer takes a design file for a part into a shop that has a 3D printer to "print" their part, and that part later fails, who has product liability? Is it a faulty design file, a bad printer, or maybe a poor mixture of the resin(s) used to print the part? There are numerous challenges ahead of us, and as these and other technologies evolve, new insurance products and coverages will be developed to address the related exposures. As a result,

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Cover Story: Will the Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance Business Saddle Up with Standards? By CJ Ketterer
Digital Maturity—or Extinction: Your Survival Now Depends on Digital Transformation By Scott Klososky and Corey White
Emerging Trends: The Technology Side By Greg Ricker, CPCU
Emerging Trends in the Property Insurance Market By Ralph Sabbagh, ASLI
Underwriting the Exposures of Business Operations: The Impact of Tenant Leases By Craig A. Mathre, CPCU, CLU, CIC, CRM, ASLI, RPLU, AU, AIC, ARM, AAM
Emerging Risks: Brain Research By Dr. Achim Regenauer
Millennials: How Well You Attract and Keep Them Could Be Your Competitive Advantage By Teresa Vaughn, SPHR
Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and Floods: Perils and Exposures in Paradise By Sharon K. Lee
“Empowering the Wholesale Nation”: AAMGA Annual Meeting Registration and Room Block Are Now Open
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WIN Magazine - Spring 2015