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FEATURE GOING TO THE DOGS-THE CAUSE FOR PAWS: HOW A SPECIALTY UNDERWRITER IS CHANGING THE LIVES OF OUR BEST FRIENDS BY GREGORY P. BAUKE O   UR BUILDER LOOKED at us like we were nuts. "You want a separate room and yard for dogs?" he asked. And so began our journey to being "crazy dog people." We had always loved dogs, especially the quiet dignity of older dogs who had been dumped at shelters or even worse, outside somewhere to fend for themselves. It happens way more than you might imagine. Like people, senior dogs require more patience, and yes, sometimes more money. But we could never imagine deciding that a faithful family member and friend could become so much of a bother that someone could simply walk away. The seeds for what would eventually become a senior doggie retirement home were planted, aka The Happy Paws Senior Ranch. As many people do, we started to imagine what life would be like once the nest was empty. Julie said "I want more dogs," but beyond that, we weren't sure what that would look like. The county we were living in had a three dog maximum, plus our house was in a typical subdivision and as houses turned over, new families with babies and small children were moving in. The circle of life for sure, and we realized that we were on the part of the circle that had, well, been there and were so over that. I also knew that I wanted land. Although golf had consumed much of my free time earlier in life, I wanted something to work in and on that would work out the mental and physical kinks of a job that requires a lot of sitting and talking on the phone. I call it "chainsaw therapy." Now we were getting somewhere. Land + dogs seemed like a good combination, but there is a practical aspect to consider. How many dogs inside of a house is reasonable before you find yourself on the local news report with your neighbors telling a reporter, "Sure, we hadn't seen them in months, but we had no idea they had 125 dogs, and that you could actually be buried alive in poop!" You get the idea. How about a canine retirement home? Great in concept, but what the heck did that even mean? We envisioned a room where older dogs could relax and be spoiled with treats and a bunch of soft places to rest their bones. Who doesn't want that, canine or human? Our builder and architect did the research and the drawings, and we continued to imagine what it might be like to have 4, 5, 6 or even ten senior dogs. The most inspired decision made in building our house W I N | S u m m e r 2 0 16 | 51

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