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FEATURE DEVELOPING AN EFFECTIVE MENTORING PROGRAM "I BY GREG BAUKE F YOU LIGHT a lamp for someone it will also brighten your own path." - Buddhist proverb. Think of a time when someone with more experience gave you a tip, an insight, an introduction, or a new perspective that put you on the right path and saved you from making a mistake or passing up an opportunity. If you are like most, those times are too numerous to count. As the Buddhist proverb provides, inevitably in such cases, both the provider and the receiver of the wisdom are made better by the experience. Most of us have benefitted from such a relationship at some point in our professional careers. There are many types of mentoring relationships, but the common point among them is that all parties - the mentor, mentee, and impacted organization - are improved 3 4 | v i e w t h i s i s s u e a t |

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Risk Exposures of Global Food Shortages & Security
Predictive Analytics and Surplus Lines: Freedom of Rate but Not Free of Unfair Discrimination
It’s Not Easy Being Green: Assessing the Impact of Green Construction on CGL Exposures
The Case for Trade Disruption Insurance in the E&S Market
Managing Human Resources in an Increasingly Complex Insurance Industry
Developing an Effective Mentoring Program
Workflow Efficiency: What’s in it for You?
Prominent Defenses Undercut in Data Breach Lawsuits and Class Actions
Cyber Crime and Data Breaches
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WIN Magazine - Fall 2015