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first words Farewell - and Onwards F arewell, AIANY. I spent a year as witness to a dynamic institution that moves of its own accord, fabulously delivering architectural discourse, urban advocacy, and public outreach of the highest order. Though I donated a lot of time, I got the better part of the deal. I have new insights, new visions, new friends, and new optimism for this moment in history. In this design century, our profession will become more expansive and relevant, and help deliver social justice and ecological salvation; technology will be leveraged and alloyed with the principles of humanism. We must rise to the occasion and build diverse coalitions to lead the way. We must: task our new executive director to elevate the stature of the architect in society, and establish architecture and urbanism as tools for advancing humanity and ecology; rededicate AIANY to providing superior membership services and augmenting our research capabilities; use the Center for Architecture to raise the design intelligence of our citizens; shift power away from AIA National towards the large urban AIA chapters, and let cities set policy and the national agenda; become advocates to shape municipal legislation and regulatory actions that impact our economic viability, and the social and physical character of our metropolis; drive our committees to become think tanks, getting out of the exhibition business and getting into research and white papers; captivate the Millennials and benefit from their ideas, extending membership to all who make productive environments, not just registered architects; and build a new 50,000-square-foot Center for Architecture by 2025. I want to thank the staff of AIANY and the Center for Architecture for their dedication: Cynthia Kracauer, AIA, LEED AP, and Suzanne Mecs, Hon. AIA NYS, for their heroism during a time of reinvention; David Burney, FAIA, for selflessly responding to the call to lead; our officers (I now call friends) serving on the Executive Committee; an engaged board; and our committees - our lifeblood. I want to thank my partners at Ennead Architects for donating my time - a true act of philanthropy. And, of course, I want to recognize Carol Loewenson, FAIA, my confidant and advisor all year, and the person best suited to lead us. Onwards! Tomas J. Rossant, AIA 2015 President, AIA New York Chapter Reinventing Architecture: Design in a Digital World ©Sam Lahoz Letter from two Presidents Tomas J. Rossant, AIA, and Carol Loewenson, FAIA, LEED AP Connecting to the Past, Reaching Out to the Future A rchitecture matters. It touches every part of our lives - where and how we live, learn, and work. Indeed, we discuss this fundamental principle in our offices, committees, and professional publications. We are concerned about housing, sustainability, density, and open space, and bring specific topics to our elected officials. But we have not found a way to explain in plain terms the urgency and relevance of these issues. The AIA New York Chapter has more than 5,200 members, and is directly tied to the Center for Architecture, both of which focus on the built environment. We need to strengthen the relationship between these two and communicate beyond the profession to the general public. AIANY should be our think tank, with members acting as thought leaders guiding the Center. Our committees present issues, research, and potential solutions on their particular subjects; the next step is to collaborate even more among ourselves and reach out beyond ourselves to make our case. My presidential theme for 2016 is "Authenticity and Innovation." Authenticity - the historical, cultural, and social essence of the built environment - is what gives people a sense of continuity and a connection to the past. Innovation speaks to the future and to creativity, not only in terms of the buildings themselves, but of the activities fostered in and around them. I want to use New York to reflect upon these issues, and to think about how authenticity and innovation together create the foundation for great architecture and great cities. Through a series of dinners, programs, and an exhibition, we will explore specific topics related to this theme. Thanks to my friend, colleague, and 2015 President Tomas Rossant, AIA, for leading with honor, conviction, and humor. Thanks to my partners at Mitchell/Giurgola Architects for supporting this professional engagement. And, finally, thanks to the AIANY staff and leadership for their extraordinary commitment to our mission. Here's to 2016. See you at the Center! Carol Loewenson, FAIA, LEED AP 2016 President, AIA New York Chapter Winter 2015 Oculus 9

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Letter from the Editor
Center for Architecture
One Block Over
Opener: Practical Attitudes
ICE in the River: Cornell Tech’s Center of Connectivity
Restoring – At Least Virtually – One of England’s Greatest Lost Buildings
At the Corner of Past and Present
The Design-Fabrication Dynamic
How Big Data is Reshaping Architecture
Architecture at the Digital Edge
3D for the Defense
Thinking Beyond the Flat Page
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51-Year Watch
Last Words
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Oculus - Winter 2015