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first words Letter from tHe President ©Andy Ryan Collecting Change S ubtly, but in meaningful ways, AIANY and the Center for Architecture have initiated a joint and mutually beneficial repositioning strategy to be implemented in 2015. You may walk into the Center and not notice anything different, but organizational changes are already underway to increase the impact and effectiveness of our collective research, outreach, advocacy, and programming. Be an armchair Don Draper and criticize AIA National's "Look Up" ad campaign, but cheer loudly for the change in public outreach it represents. Our competitors are not other architects, but entities that choose to build without engaging design professionals. National's campaign seeks to raise the design intelligence of the average citizen, for the better educated our population is about the value of architecture, the more business opportunities for architects. And the more we are involved, the better our environment, society, and culture will become. The Center for Architecture is also changing its outreach mission. Under a forward-thinking board, the Center is retooling its exhibitions program to focus on public education and present exhibitions of both serious scholarship and popular appeal. The cultural space between MoMA and the Storefront for Architecture is vast, and we intend to fill it boldly in the coming years. Change has already started: our "Prague Functionalism" exhibition was the first ever to be reviewed in the New Yorker's "Goings On About Town," and we are committed to anchoring the South Street Seaport Cultural District with exhibitions, programming, and Archtober Hall. Change has come to the way our committees impact the physical city and the lives of its citizens. Operating as think tanks and partnering with city agencies, legislators, and the mayor's office, committees have helped shape new policies and legislation that will affect zoning and land use, sustainability and resiliency, housing and infrastructure. The age of the activist architect is upon us, and we will spread the message that AIANY is a resource for all who seek to renew and improve our city. A change is evident in the collaboration, communication, and common cause shared among the five NYC AIA chapters. We are working together as 2015 AIANY Design Awards never before, speaking with a single voice, sharing resources, yet still catering to the specific needs of each borough chapter's members. United we stand, with respect for our differences. Dramatic change has come with the resignation of Rick Bell, FAIA, as executive director. Rick has moved on to lend to others his spectacular mind, inexhaustible energy, and stalwart dedication to the profession. We owe him a great debt of gratitude for his service. Fortunately, we were able to land David Burney, FAIA, to act as interim executive director to ensure that our mission continues without interruption. We thank David and welcome his remarks in this issue of Oculus. A national executive search is underway, and we expect to announce a new executive director by the end of the year. We hope to find someone bold and brash, a thoughtful public intellectual, a resourceful fundraiser, and a cunning strategist. Stay tuned! Lastly, change is evident in the AIANY Design Awards program - the focus of this issue of Oculus. Under the leadership of Co-chairs Alexander Lamis, AIA, and Kai-Uwe Bergmann, AIA, RIBA, the awards jury format and focus were reworked. Heralding the "generalist" mind of the architect, Lamis and Bergmann called for a single jury to review all typologies and categories of design. And a Best in Competition designation was added to sum up this particular moment in time. Honored to listen in on the jury deliberations (but not participate), I witnessed a shocking but delightful development: many works by "starchitects" were quickly passed over if they did not wed formal invention to a positive social or environmental impact. Change we can all believe in! Special thanks to our jurors and Chapter staff for their efforts, and to Oculus Editor-in-Chief Kristen Richards, Hon. AIA, Hon. ASLA, and Contributing Editors Linda G. Miller and Richard Staub for creating this special issue. Enjoy it and take stock of the change around us. See you at the Center! Tomas J. Rossant, AIA 2015 President AIA New York Chapter Summer 2015 Oculus 17

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