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ATLANTA APARTMENT ASSOCIATION: GOLD PATRON OF THE MONTH Fowler, Hein, Cheatwood & Williams, P.A. F owler, Hein, Cheatwood & Williams, P.A., serves as a corporate legal counsel for apartment management companies in Atlanta and the Southeast. Our practice is called "Apartment Law." While much of this work involves court appearances for apartment managers on dispossessory cases, the firm also handles many other legal matters for residential property management companies. Here are some of the kinds of legal issues the firm handles: * Filing Dispossessory Warrants for Unpaid Rent * Representation in Court on Evictions and Other Cases * Lease Terminations and Non-Renewals of Problem Residents * Defending Resident Claims and Lawsuits * Defending Fair Housing Claims * Answering H.R. Questions on Employment Law and Claims * Reviewing and Drafting Vendor Contracts * Drafting and Revising Residential Lease Agreements * Providing Training and Seminars to On-Site and Corporate Staff * Defense of Mold Claims * Handling Building Code Violations and Sign Citations * Bankruptcy Relief from Stay * Taking Care of All Your Apartment's Legal Needs * Seminars and Training Here are some of the "routine" cases and matters we have handled the last few years: * Successfully defended numerous housing discrimination claims in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina before federal, state and local investigative agencies. * Defended and counseled clients faced with tough mold claims and the complexities or lack of insurance coverage. * Reviewed architectural plans for compliance with the design and construction accessibility requirements for new projects. * Conducted numerous fair housing and landlord/ tenant seminars for apartment associations and private clients throughout the Southeast. * Edited and revised the National Apartment Association Leases for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland and Nevada. * Represented apartment clients in court in over 6,000 eviction cases per year in Atlanta and many North Georgia counties. * Filed over 10,000 dispossessory warrants per year in every major Atlanta area court. * Obtained restraining orders and evicted abusive or violent residents who threatened on-site and corporate staff. * Edited and revised the Georgia Apartment Association Standard Lease and Rental Application Forms. * Helped solve or answer difficult legal questions and problems for virtually every national, regional and local management company. * Published an extensive on-line Fair Housing training program for use throughout the U.S. sponsored by the Atlanta and Georgia Apartment Associations. This firm has been a major sponsor and will again sponsor both the GAA-PAC Classic Tennis Tournament and Can Can Ball. * 792913_Ready.indd 1 M A RCH/A PRIL 2016 | H2/17/16 A B I T A5:13 T | PM 35 http://www.Readyfitness.com http://www.Readyfitness.com

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Habitat - March/April 2016