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It's always a good practice to seek out one
or two convenient locations and ask the
sheriff or marshal whether the items can
be set out at that location.
Once the resident's personal property
is set out to the designated area, the law
then deems the property to be abandoned.
This means that the personal property
may be removed or disposed of it without
further delay. This does not mean that the
resident's property becomes the property
of the owner or manager or its employees.
Management is not required to store
or take the resident's property after the
set out or physical eviction. In fact, the
best practice is to dispose of the personal
property from the designated area after
waiting a sufficient amount of time.
For example, if the eviction occurs at
10:00 a.m. on a Monday, then you should
wait until the end of the day or the next
morning (Tuesday) to dispose of any
remaining property left in the designated
area. This will provide the resident with
enough time to remove any remaining
property left after the set out. Another
best practice and policy to implement is to
ensure that management employees are
prohibited from removing any personal
property from the designated area
and placing it in their vehicles or taking
any property for their own personal use.
There have been prior instances where
criminal charges were filed for theft of
personal property. The better practice
is to place all remaining items in the
dumpster for disposal.
The passing of O.C.G.A. 44-7-55(c)
has truly assisted our industry with the
disposal of personal property after an
eviction due to the hard efforts of the GAA
and AAA Governmental Affairs Team. *

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Superior Customer Service
* Our location allows us to effectively manage your
community and our valets
* Owners are a phone call away, and will even
service your community if needed
* Service valets carry cleaning supplies on their
person to ensure we leave no trace behind
* Facilitate any special requests
* Keep restricted trash out of your compactor with
our Junk Removal Solutions

Dog Poop
* Enables community management to fine residents
that do not pick up their dog's waste
* We create a DNA database of all the dogs in your
community through cheek swabs
* In the event of a rogue poo, a sample of the poo
is taken and sent to our lab
* A hefty fine is then issued to that specific violator
* We train your staff on how to obtain quality, useable samples
* Provided collar tags allow you to identify unregistered dogs

If you have any comments or
suggested topics that you would
like addressed for future articles,
please email J. Mike Williams at
Fowler, Hein, Cheatwood & Williams
serves as corporate and litigation counsel
in the multifamily housing industry. Their
practice areas include, but are not limited
to, evictions, defense of lawsuits, mold
litigation, fair housing defense throughout
the country, code enforcement defense,
lease revisions, and general consultation of
their clients.

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