Habitat - March/April 2018 - 13

is coming to an end. Legislators have been
discussing several issues important to the
apartment industry. AAA has a strong
Government Affairs program but it needs
member support to be successful.
Want to know more about how you
can help? Here's an overview of AAA's
Government Affairs activities at every
level and suggestions on how you can get
involved now.
The Board of Directors and the
Government Affairs Committee determine the AAA's legislative and regulatory policy positions. The committee has
about 20 members with special interest
in legislative issues. Penny Moceri, AAA's
Government Affairs Director, Chelsea
Juras, Government Affairs representative, and Haydon Stanley track local and
state issues and report on them regularly to both groups. Haydon Stanley with
Fiveash Stanley serves as the Georgia
Apartment Association's primary representative at the state level during the
legislative session.
During the legislative session, the
Government Affairs Committee holds
weekly conference calls to discuss pending legislation. Committee members provide invaluable insight and real-world
scenarios for the government affairs team
to reference and advocate on their behalf.
The Government Affairs Committee
holds planning sessions each year to discuss the Association's legislative agenda.
In late November 2017, the committee
met with the AAA staff to discuss the 2018
legislative session and put together working subgroups of members who would be
ready to provide additional input on various topics - eviction policy, for example -
if the issue comes up during the session.
Government Affairs committee members sometimes participate in meetings with elected officials to discuss the
impact a proposed piece of legislation
could have on the industry. Having actual
apartment owners and managers talking
with the legislators or commissioners can
be very impactful.

What you can do: Contact AAA
Government Affairs Director Penny
Moceri if you're interested in serving on
the Government Affairs Committee or
if you have expertise in certain legislative/regulatory areas that you'd be willing to share.
Another role of the Government Affairs
Committee is directing political campaign contributions from the multifamily housing industry's political action
committee (PAC), the Georgia Better
Government Fund.
"We fundraise for the PAC throughout
the year. In addition to Georgia Forum
and opting in with membership dues, we
have two big fundraising events, the Vic
Maslia Golf Tournament in the spring and
AAA Field Day in the fall," said Juras. This
year the Golf Tournament will be held on
March 27 at The Manor.
When it's time to make campaign contributions, the AAA staff makes recommendations to the Government Affairs
committee members, who have final
approval on all campaign contributions.
What you can do: The Georgia Better
Government Fund supports pro-business
candidates and officials who will work with
us to maintain the best business and regulatory environment for our members. You
can help by participating in the AAA Vic
Maslia Golf Tournament and AAA Field
Day fundraisers each year. For more information on both events visit the AAA website
at www.atl-apt.org/pac-events.
The Association holds free, quarterly
Regional Round Table meetings for all
its regional manager members. Each
Round Table features a guest speaker
who focuses on a topic related to common, onsite operations issues. Subjects
can range from code enforcement and
fire inspections to sustainable development and retrofits on properties.
During these gatherings, Round Table
participants discuss their concerns about
what's going on throughout their properties. "This is a great opportunity for

regional managers to hear from each
other about issues they are dealing with,
and for us to learn about onsite issues
that we can assist with," said Juras.
"Once we're made aware, we can work
with local government staff and elected
officials to address and hopefully resolve
the problem."
What you can do: If you're a regional
manager member, plan on attending the
next Regional Round Table. Reach out to
Hannah Pahner at hpahner@atl-apt.org
to get on the invite list for future meetings!
The AAA Government Affairs team
publishes a legislative email newsletter, distributed every week while the
Georgia General Assembly is in session.
The weekly update describes each piece
of legislation the Association is tracking
and engaging on at the state level. It's an
easy way for members to become aware
of how the industry is being represented
under the gold dome.
The AAA Government Affairs staff
also encourages members who are dealing with local issues to give them a call.
"We are constantly tracking local legislation, but we don't always know when or
where members could be having issues
with things like inspections or code
enforcement," said Juras. "The main
way we learn about it is when a member calls us."
"We want to emphasize that all members to able get our help and that no issue
is to small for us to engage in," Juras
added. "While we may not be able to
resolve every issue, we can at least provide some insight into it, and get them in
contact with the right people to provide
a solution."
What you can do: Sign up for the legislative email newsletter by contacting
Hannah Pahner at hpahner@atl-apt.org.
If you're having a challenge with Georgia
government at any level, contact the AAA
Government Affairs team by reaching out to
Penny at pmoceri@atl-apt.org or Chelsea
at cjuras@atl-apt.org. They're always
ready to assist AAA members. *
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