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PDQ Services Inc. Gives Prompt
Dependable Quality Customer Service


DQ Services is proud to
work with its partners in
the Atlanta Apartment
Association! We would
like to thank all of our friends
and partners in the industry for
their support and friendship.
Our employees strive to help our
customers in business and to help the
industry achieve its goals through the
Atlanta Apartment Association.
Services Provided:
* Credit Reporting
* Collections
* Dispossessory Filing
* Dispossessory Case Management
* Coordination with Attorneys
* Writ Requests
* Eviction Labor
PDQ Services is a leader in the
services it provides to apartment
owners and managers, and we
strive to provide the best model and
deliver the absolute best service.
That is why PDQ Services scans
every document that it touches
and makes all of them available for
review by property managers and
regional managers. If you need a
copy of your resident's answer to
the lawsuit or a copy of the consent
order negotiated by your attorney,
PDQ Services has it available on its
website. We are lucky enough to be
trusted with your sensitive matters;
but, the information all belongs to
the property. That is why we make it
available to you!
PDQ Services employs its own
eviction crews. Our employees are
screened prior to employment and
incentivized with commissions to
complete as many eviction set-outs
as they can every single month.
Our crews are held accountable
for their actions. This means that
we work hard for you, but we work
professionally so as not to embarrass
the resident.

Many of our employees are
long-standing employees. Their
experience and continued excellence
enables PDQ Services to separate
itself from its competitors.

Again, we are incredibly thankful
for all of our customers who continue
to partner with us. We look forward to
working together and have a successful
2018 together! *

One Million Homes Can't Be Wrong.
Raise your community to a new standard of living.

Standard-Setting Amenities That Elevate Community Living.
As a Tampa Bay Times Top Workplace, Valet Living has been setting
the standard for doorstep collection and recycling since 1995.
Servicing over one million apartment homes across more than 35
states, Valet Living has grown to become not just the only national
provider of doorstep collection and recycling services, but also
the only nationally-recognized full service amenities provider to
the multifamily industry. In addition to doorstep collection, Valet
Living's turns, maintenance and pet station solutions make life
easier for both property managers and residents, while improving
property values.
Visit us at booths #110, #112 and #114 during the
Atlanta Apartment Association annual trade show to
see how living up to our high standards will benefit your
community and bottom line.

ValetLiving.com | 888-321-8334

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Legal Corner
Getting Engaged in Government Affairs
Government Affairs
AAA Makes a Difference on Local Issues
Education Connection
Curb Appeal
Workforce Development Update
Volunteer's Corner
AAA Gold Patron Member Profile: PDQ Services
New Members
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