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LEGAL TALK J. Mike Williams Fowler, Hein, Cheatwood & Williams, P.A. M GAA Lease Users - Are You Taking Advantage of Free Access to the GAA Law Book? By J. Mike Williams, Esq., Robert P. Hein, Esq., and Russ Webb, VP of Atlanta & Georgia Apartment Associations embers who utilize the Georgia Apartment Association Forms & Leases through the Blue Moon platform have free online access to the GAA Law Book. It is one of the many benefits of using the GAA Blue Moon lease and its addenda. It is by far the single most beneficial resource for all on-site and corporate management staff. The GAA Law Book is now an online-only resource, in partnership with The Strategic Solution. All GAA lease users can simply click the GAA Law Book icon at the top right of your Blue Moon home screen after login to access the Law Book. Using single-user sign-in technology, your information is automatically passed through to the TSS server and authenticated, and you don't have to log in again. The Law Book is easily searchable for keyword or phrase, and the quick links provided in the directory make it easier than ever to find what you are looking for. You also have the ability to download any one single page or article as a PDF should you need to print it. For example, if you are interested in locating all information relating to assistance or service animals, then entry of assistance or service animals in the search bar feature will reward you with all information contained in the GAA Law Book regarding assistance or service animals. This makes it extremely easy to locate information contained within the GAA Law Book without having to review the Table of Contents or Index. The law book also contains sample forms such as lease termination notices and demand letters. The Georgia Apartment Association Law Book is intended to be an everyday desk and online resource for owners, managers and staff of apartment communities. The laws governing daily management of apartment communities are as diverse and complex as the people living in them. On any given day, managers may confront issues that are relatively easy to solve just by following general rules. Change the facts - even slightly - and suddenly another set of rules may apply. The resolution becomes more complicated. The rules are not always black and white. Often there are subtle shades of gray, and sometimes an exception to the rule comes into play. How, then, is a manager expected to make the right decision, on a daily basis, that will protect not only the apartment owner but also the individual resident? That is the purpose of the GAA Law Book. It is designed to help management understand the legal requirements and options available for managing residents, employees and apartment communities. From fair housing laws and environmental issues to leasing basics and landlord-tenant law, the GAA Law Book is a guide for all aspects of managing apartment communities. A special thanks to Robert P. Hein, Esq., for all of his hard work and dedication for writing and developing the GAA Apartment Law Book. If you have any comments or suggested topics that you would like addressed for future articles, please email J. Mike Williams at mwilliams@apartmentlaw.com. * Fowler, Hein, Cheatwood & Williams serves as corporate and litigation counsel in the multifamily housing industry. Their practice areas include, but are not limited to evictions, defense of lawsuits, mold litigation, fair housing defense throughout the country, code enforcement defense, lease revision and general consultation of their clients. Disclaimer: The advice offered in this column is intended for informational purposes only. Use of this column is not intended to replace or substitute seeking out personal legal counsel for an individual situation. Please submit any legal questions you may have to run in a future column to habitat@atl-apt.org. Names and contact information will remain anonymous. M AY/J U N E 2 016 | H A BITAT | 11

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