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ATLANTA APARTMENT ASSOCIATION: PLATINUM PATRON OF THE MONTH AT&T Expands Blazing Fast Fiber Network Across Metro Atlanta S ince AT&T first launched GigaPower in Atlanta, it has expanded its network to over 170,000 homes, apartments and condos across the metro area. Now we're expanding this groundbreaking technology with an enhanced installation process that connects existing condo and apartment properties to the AT&T fiber network. THE FUTURE IS FIBER In recent years, demand for high-speed internet has soared and shows no signs of slowing down. By delivering our fiber network to individual living units, AT&T places no limits on current and future residents. With GigaPower, residents will have access to the fastest speeds with multiple connected devices on a reliable, consistent network. GIGAPOWER: A BEST IN CLASS EXPERIENCE With internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, AT&T delivers a 99.9 percent reliable fiber-rich experience to residents. GigaPower lets residents quickly connect to the cloud, telecommute more easily, video chat in real-time and stream the latest entertainment. So, really, how fast is GigaPower? Using GigaPower, residents can download: * Up to 25 songs in less than a second * A TV show in less than three seconds * Your favorite HD movie in less than 36 seconds AT&T GigaPower customers also have access to the latest Wi-Fi technology. This makes it possible to enjoy our best in-home Wi-Fi experience with faster Wi-Fi speeds, expanded coverage and support for all your connected devices. TOP REASONS TO CONNECT TO AT&T GIGAPOWER GigaPower sets your community apart. With blazing fast internet speeds, existing properties are more marketable and easier to rent to prospective residents. It's incredibly low-risk. The upgrade opportunity comes at no cost. Also, AT&T's skilled engineers will work with you to develop a design plan that is aesthetic and poses a minimal impact on your residents. Offer residents an exclusive new amenity. Fiber is delivered to every individual living unit, ensuring residents can access the fastest high-speed internet in the market - it allows them to stream, surf and download at any time and worry-free. AT&T U-verse with GigaPower: the most advanced DVR, streaming access to over 500,000 TV shows, movies, music, videos, sports and more. At uverse.com, residents can watch up to six shows in HD at once, and enjoy TV on the go virtually anywhere on their computer, smartphone or tablet. HERE'S HOW YOUR COMMUNITY CAN GET CONNECTED Owners can nominate their properties via our online portal: att.com/fiberproperties. Connected Communities will quickly contact the property owner regarding a complimentary site evaluation to determine the feasibility of upgrading a property's existing network to our 100 percent fiber solution. The upgrade process is simple. If you agree to grant us access, AT&T will create a custom design to offer your community an aesthetically pleasing fiber solution with minimal impact to your building or residents. GigaPower is here, and AT&T Connected Communities is working hard to expand every day. Learn more about AT&T GigaPower and nominate your property today at att.com/fiberproperties. * M AY/J U N E 2 016 | H A BITAT | 33 http://www.uverse.com http://www.att.com/fiberproperties http://www.att.com/fiberproperties

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