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In March, members of the Georgia Apartment
Association attended the National Apartment
Association Capitol Conference in Washington,
D.C. In addition to sitting down with members
of the Georgia delegation to share our concerns
on national issues, we had the opportunity
to visit Fannie Mae for a special multifamily
economic outlook, and had the pleasure of
dining with Congressman Barry Loudermilk
(R) of Georgia's 11th District. If you haven't
had an opportunity to attend, please consider
saving the date for next year.

Haydon Stanley,
State Legislative

Katie Roberts,
Director of
Government Affairs


The Georgia General Assembly closed out the
2017 legislative session in early spring, meeting
for 40 legislative days that stretched between
January 9 and March 30.
The length of our legislative session
is significant; it is set within Georgia's
Constitution and would take the support of
two-thirds of each chamber plus approval by
voters to change it. Many other states allow
statute or even chamber rules to dictate
the length of their sessions, making them
susceptible to frequent changes.
Georgia's current constitution was updated
and ratified in 1983-it's actually the youngest
state constitution in the U.S. The inclusion
of the 40-day session reflects the state's
commitment to prioritizing issues that can
be considered in such a short window and
maintaining a part-time, citizen legislature.
Typically, citizen legislatures are only found in
rural states or states with small populations.
Georgia is by far the most populous state
that still maintains a part-time legislature.
With a population estimated at 10 million
residents, the next largest state with part-time
lawmakers is Mississippi, with nearly
3 million residents.
When time is short, preparation makes all
the difference. The result of Georgia's short
legislative session is that most of the year is
spent looking ahead and preparing for future
policy debates. It means that your government
affairs team remains engaged, even when the
Capitol is eerily quiet.
Each spring, the Association undertakes
an across-the-board review of the recently
completed session. How did bills of interest

fair? Were threatening bills defeated or
mitigated? Were industry-friendly measures
supported and enacted by the Governor?
Is there industry-wide education the
Association needs to spearhead to help
members stay up to date with changing laws
and policies? Throughout the meeting of the
General Assembly and upon adjournment,
your government affairs team assembles a
comprehensive legislative report, detailing
all bills and resolutions of interest considered
by the Legislature that year. The Association
typically distributes that report in late spring.
GAA also spends significant time attempting
to perfect legislation in the off-season. In odd
numbered years like 2017, legislation that does
not make it to the Governor's desk is eligible
for reconsideration the following year. If there
is a particularly troubling bill that appears
poised to gain momentum when the legislature
meets again, your government affairs team
will work with the bill's sponsor to continue
the discussion in an effort to find solutions
acceptable to all.
The General Assembly recognizes that
40 days may be too short to fully vet complex
or technical matters. Therefore, the House and
Senate authorize a limited number of study
committees that function as small, short-term
working groups, allowing lawmakers to more
fully consider important issues absent the time
constraints of session.
While a full list of authorized study
committees was not available at the time of
this writing, the legislature may spend time
during the interim studying:
* Stream and shoreline buffers, to
balance property development and
environmental concerns;
* Water management fees, to incentivize
sustainable water-conservation
developments without causing financial
strain on local governments; and
* Sexual exploitation and human trafficking,
to continue addressing one of the fastest
growing criminal industries in the world.
One of the most frequent questions your
government affairs team is asked is "what do
you do when the legislature is not meeting?"
Just as you work to maintain and improve your
property year-round, we also work to maintain
and improve the position of the multifamily
housing industry 365 days a year. For more
information on how you can get involved to
support our efforts on your behalf, contact
your government affairs team today!
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