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City of Atlanta Discusses Voluntary
Affordable Housing Program
As affordable housing issues continue to be discussed
throughout the City of Atlanta, AAA staff remains engaged.
We are meeting regularly with members of council and
Mayor's office to share our concerns and propose alternatives
to inclusionary zoning and rent control. Most recently, the
Mayor's office has expressed an interest in developing a
voluntary affordable rental housing pilot to buy down the rent
for a portion of units in existing buildings, like a proposal the
Apartment Association of Metro Denver has been working to
implement. AAA staff will be meeting with the city and our
members to discuss the feasibility of a program.
City of Atlanta to Begin Active Enforcement
of Multifamily Recycling Requirement
Last year, AAA staff partnered with the City of Atlanta
Department of Sustainability to provide education on the
city's multifamily recycling requirements that were adopted
in 2008. The ordinance requires multifamily properties
offer residents the option to recycle by providing commercial
recycling services and containers on site. It also requires that
communities report the tonnages of recyclables collected.
All apartment communities within the city must register on
the city's multifamily recycling website to comply with the
ordinance. The website has been recently updated to be more
user-friendly and address previously reported issues.
In the coming months, the department will be working
with code enforcement to perform recycling sweeps of
communities that have not registered. If you have any
questions about the program or how to become compliant,
contact Michelle Wiseman in the Office of Sustainability at
(404) 865-1953 or mlwiseman@atlantaga.gov.
DeKalb County Rescinds Level 2 Drought
Pool Cover Requirements
DeKalb County has rescinded the requirement issued by the
Department of Watershed Management (DWM) in January

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that all pools, when containing water, be covered when not
in use. The requirement was in response to the Georgia
Environmental Protection Department (EPD) declaring
a Level 2 drought across the Atlanta Metro Region. AAA
government affairs staff met with the Director of Watershed
Management and his team to discuss our concerns related to
the cost, safety and liability involved with compliance. While
the requirement was rescinded for the current, Level 2 drought
response, it is likely to come up again if the drought worsens to
a Level 3, and water conservation restrictions tighten, which
may happen later this year or early 2018.
DeKalb Discusses New FOG Requirements
for Multifamily Communities
DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management is
drafting an ordinance with new requirements for the disposal
and treatment of Fats Oils and Grease (FOG) for multifamily
communities. AAA government affairs staff continues to meet
regularly with the Department of Watershed Management to
discuss their ongoing concerns and advocate on your behalf.
DeKalb County Multifamily Task Force Proposes
Series of Ordinances to Address Blight
In 2017, we expect to see additional legislation focused on
addressing blight in DeKalb county apartment communities.
County leadership is considering a new resolution for
adoption that outlines a series of prioritized legislative actions
including adopting the International Property Maintenance
Code (IPMC), developing legislation to address blighted
hotels across the county and amending the business license
ordinance to formally move the business license office and
enforcement powers from the Office of Finance to the Office
of Planning to be enforced by code enforcement officers, in
addition to continued cross-functional code enforcement
sweeps in targeted neighborhoods and corridors. The Board
of Commissioners is continuing to discuss the resolution in
committee, prioritizing adoption of the IPMC this spring.
AAA government affairs staff continues to regularly meet
with DeKalb County staff and code enforcement officers to
represent your interests as these changes are implemented.
DeKalb Discusses New Permit Fee Structure
to Incentivize Multifamily Renovation
As DeKalb County BOC and staff continue to focus on blight
removal, staff in the Department of Development Services
has drafted a proposal to change the way building permit fees
are calculated for multifamily renovations. DeKalb County
currently requires multifamily buildings to pull individual
building permits for each unit, rather than per floor or
building. The proposed changes would allow property owners
and developers to pull building permits by floor rather than by
unit in the case of multifamily redevelopment or renovation to
help reduce administrative costs and incentivize investment

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