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The Best in Class!
e are well into 2017, and AAA members
continue to hit the ball out of the park, most
recently with our March Maintenance Mania.
What a great event! Tracy Bowers chaired
this year's committee, which beat all prior competitor and
spectator records, with nearly 800 total attendees. A special
congratulations to our overall winner, Jimmy Garcia with
Matrix Residential, who completed the eight individual
events in an impressive 1 minute and 19 seconds!
Our annual Vic Maslia Golf Classic was held March 28 at
The Manor in Alpharetta, with all proceeds benefiting GAA's
Political Action Committee: the Georgia Better Government
Fund. The event was a big hit, no pun intended! Co-chaired
by Mitch Harrison and Danny Fullwood, our 2017 Golf
Committee put together another fantastic event with great
attendance and sponsor support. While we may not have
broken the course record, our participants certainly had the
most fun!
It was Game On for AAA's Trade Show that was held earlier
than normal this year (April 26) to accommodate Atlanta
hosting NAA's Education Conference this June. Chaired by
Debbie Millwood, this year's trade show committee didn't
miss a beat and continued the recent tradition of breaking
prior year booth sales and attendance records. Our trade
show is known as one of the best in the country due to
strong owner/manager attendance, no competing events
during show hours, and a full floor of vibrant exhibits. AAA's
associate members appreciate our seamless process for move
in and set up, which is only possible because our sponsors and
members are all in with their support!
For legislative news, many thanks to AAA's team of board
members, volunteers and staff that recently traveled to
Washington, D.C. for NAA's Capitol Conference. Our group
split into two teams and visited members of Georgia's
Congressional delegation to discuss tax reform and other
issues of importance to our industry-a great day on the
Hill! At press time, the 2017 Georgia legislative session
is nearing the finish line and a host of local municipal
initiatives continues to keep our Government Affairs team

busy round the clock. Thanks to Committee Chairs Tommy
Brunson and Bobby West and staff for all they do protecting
our interests!
On AAA's community service front, we will hold our
next Food-a-Thon 101 session on June 14th at the Atlanta
Community Food Bank. Our goal is to attract members who
haven't participated before in this initiative and showcase the
positive impact our involvement has on feeding the hungry in
Atlanta and north Georgia and helping our neighbors who are
less fortunate and in dire need.
As mentioned, NAA's 2017 Education Conference will be
held at the Georgia World Congress Center June 21-24. We
are excited to serve as the host city this year and appreciate
the 250 volunteers who signed up to assist at the event.
A heartfelt thanks in advance to all volunteers for your
service. Embracing our southern charm and desire to make
this the best NAA conference in history will set us apart from
the rest and will certainly be recognized by the attendees!
Please mark your calendar for our next dinner meeting
on May 23 at the Cobb Galleria Centre. Our guest speaker,
Crystal Kadikia, will discuss engaging millennials through
modernizing the workplace.
Lastly, I'm excited to let you know of a new initiative,
Apartment Life is Greener, adopted by the AAA Board earlier
this year. We've assembled data that speaks to why apartment
life is a better green choice as compared to single-family
housing, and we'll begin promoting these benefits in our PR
outreach and in interactions with local elected officials. Look
for insight in coming articles on eight points that highlight
green benefits multifamily brings to the housing market.
We are off to another BEST IN CLASS year at AAA, and
I hope to see you at several events in the coming months!

Christie Eash
2017 AAA Chair

M AY/J U N E 2 017



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