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As the Weather Heats Up,
So Does AAA!
s we approach mid-summer in Atlanta, the sun is
blazing and the sweat is dripping as we make our way
through the busiest time of year in our industry.
Most importantly, AAA is blazing the trail to yet
another year of 'Best in Class' performance, including our
recent involvement at the 2017 NAA Education Conference
right here in Atlanta! If you haven't heard, the conference
was the largest in NAA's history, and part of the incredible
success was because of the 260+ volunteers who took Southern
hospitality to a new level as they welcomed around 10K NAA
members to our beloved city. These volunteers who made up
the concierge committee helped to showcase all that Atlanta
has to offer and make multifamily visitors feel at home.
Working with the AAA, so many of our property management
team members volunteered for all types of duties and received
a reduced conference registration as a thank you for their
efforts. We also are thankful to NAA for promoting our
involvement with the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB),
and for arranging a volunteer opportunity there as well as
collecting donations to further the ACFB's work.
Speaking of the ACFB, Food-A-Thon Co-Chairs Virginia
Love and Chris Burns led the Food-A-Thon 101 last month at
the food bank, and everyone is excited about this year's theme
of "Team Up Against Hunger!" We are expecting some new
companies to get involved again this year as we work towards
the goal of helping to end hunger in north Georgia and show
others how much our industry cares about the community we
serve and live in.
Food-A-Thon 101 was just the start of AAA's summer
events, and we have a lot more planned for you. Make sure
you have the July dinner meeting on your calendar for
July 27th as our speaker is Jan Hagrave who will be sharing
the importance of understanding non-verbal communication.
Be sure to join us on August 11th for our second Apartment
Market Outlook of the year, where we will learn about
market trends, along with the growing flow of international
investments into our local apartment market.
As promised in my message in the last Habitat, I will end my
message with introducing parts of the AAA adopted manifesto
titled, Apartment Life is Greener. It is a tangible fact that
Apartment living is a more sustainable choice than living in
a single family home. This is the case whether the apartment
is 30 years or 30 weeks old. You might be wondering why this
should be important to you. The fact is that more and more of

our residents are starting to pay attention to sustainability
in their daily living, whether it's as simple as reducing the
utility expenses or increasing recycling or as in depth as fresh
air intake and the quality of the air they breathe. There are
8 perspectives that we are believe are relevant to the message.
These points are Energy, Transit, Health, Infrastructure,
Economy, Water, Recycling and Regulations. I will describe
2-3 on each message until the end of the year.

Energy - Apartments are built with efficiency in
mind. Think about it, our square footage is smaller than
a single family home. Our resident won't have to waste
energy by cooling and heating spare rooms, empty spaces
or storage areas. Less energy used for heating and cooling
shrinks the carbon footprint of the resident and SAVES
Transit - Many apartments are located closer to mass
transportation options. Apartments also provide walkable
and bike-able solutions that our residents are increasing
looking for and that sustain a healthier lifestyle. Shorter
commutes, public transportation access and walkability
provide options for residents to decrease their carbon
footprint. It also reduces traffic woes.
Health - Most apartment communities provide
residents with an on-site fitness center and may also offer
smoke free options, if not in all units, in common areas
and amenities. In addition, frequently maintain HVAC
system which allow for better breathing quality.
We hope that you will take a look at what sustainability
programs your company has in place and let the AAA know so
we can promote them both internally and externally.
Thank you for your membership and support of AAA!

Christie Eash
2017 AAA Chair
J U LY/AU G U S T 2 017



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