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UP CLOSE Philip Tague: Lead by Example U p Close profiles the careers and success stories of industry leaders. We want these esteemed individuals to share insight about where they found support and professional development opportunities, and what lessons they have to share. Spend some time with Philip Tague, president of AMLI Residential. He is former president of the Atlanta Apartment Association and the Georgia Apartment Association, and the vice-chair of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. His commitment to industry associations runs deep. He is a member or officer of the Urban Land Institute; NAOIP; the Real Estate Investment Advisory Council; the International Development Research Council; and the National Multifamily Housing Council. Q Q Q to reduce their carbon footprint. AMLI has 22 LEED certified communities with another 25 in development and on the way. In 10 years, we plan for our entire portfolio to be LEED certified. Renters should be applauded and praised for walking the sustainability talk and making an environmentally responsible housing choice. Philip Tague, President of AMLI Residential What drew you to the multifamily housing industry from law? I worked in a large law firm. When you're a young lawyer, you don't interact with clients all that much. I was more cut out to provide customer service directly to customers. What was the Atlanta market like when you joined in 1985? At that point in time, apartments were not considered an institutional class of properties. There was little capital available, whether equity or loans, from institutional sources for apartment ownership. Apartments were regarded, with "risky" short-term leases and individuals who weren't creditworthy, as too risky an investment from an institutional standpoint. It's been remarkable, over the 30 years since, that apartments have gained stature as one of the most favored institutional classes of properties and are regarded as a much more stable, low beta investment with growing revenues and net operating income outpacing other types of real estate. The last few decades have been a golden era for apartment investment. AMLI has focused on being environmentally friendly. How has that helped better serve residents? From public opinion polls, we know that a large majority of Americans believe that climate change is occurring and mankind is responsible for much of it. The younger the individual, the more profound the belief that society and the U.S. should be doing something about it. There's obviously disagreement about what that means and the steps that we should be taking. The LEED certification program is one that there's little argument about. LEED properties help residents Q Q Q Where do you see Atlanta's multifamily industry in 10 years? The industry will see an escalating demand for (1) a more intense level of customer service from the onsite staff, and (2) more varied and unique experiences, whether the experience is within the community or within the neighborhood. There will continue to be a stable, if not growing, percentage of all households living in apartments. With such a busy professional life, what advice would you give AAA members about finding time to be involved with charitable and professional organizations? Two of the lifelong skills that everyone should hone in order to develop a fuller life and career is to network relentlessly and to strive to continue our education. The AAA is a perfect complement and resource for doing both things. What makes a great leader? Great leaders are made for the most part. I don't think they are born. Some may be lucky and are born into particularly nourishing conditions. However, most work very hard at being leaders. Most of our great leaders have been people who were not "natural" leaders when they were young, but they enhanced their skills over time. That's why pushing oneself educationally throughout a lifetime is crucial. Networking helps to sharpen a leader's empathy for those around her or him. Giving back with sincerity generates respect. * FUN FACTS FAMILY: I have a talented wife of 37 years and two children. My wife is a better lawyer than I ever was. My daughter, Nicole, works for AMLI in our Chicago office and is also a lawyer and escaped a large firm like I did. My son, Andrew, is in graduate school at Columbia getting his MBA. LAST BOOK READ: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. FAVORITE BAND/MUSICIAN: I was in college in the late '60s and '70s. I was a Rolling Stones/Led Zeppelin fan, really any hard rock, blues and rap. DREAM LUNCH PARTNER: I was an English major in college and liked it a lot. One my favorite authors is William Blake, an 18th century poet. SEP TEMBER /OC TOBER 2016 | H A BITAT | 17

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