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for leasing. Here are their wants and specific needs. How can
you present your product to them in that same light?"
The AMP training provide a high-level overview of the legalities of leasing as well as techniques. But more importantly for
King-who had been discouraged by the job market after college
graduation-it improved his confidence. "I had a lot of bumps
looking for a job. When it finally clicked that Matrix wanted me
and that they were willing to invest in me, the AMP course gave
me a fire and gave me back the confidence that I was lacking."
Attending the in-person training offered important connections for the industry newcomer. Not only did he meet peers, he
made connections within his own company. "It instilled pride
in my own company as I watched others learn and take on this
higher education of being a leasing professional."
He hopes to make the move into corporate marketing at
some point, but should his career take him in another direction, CAM or CAPS training would certainly be something he
would pursue, he said.
As White grew into a director, she stepped back to pursue CAM
and then the Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS)
designation. She's become a cheerleader for both programs and
encourages her team to pursue them as well-even if they aren't
yet working in those roles. "I believe you work for the position
you want and this is one way of showing that desire to grow
and advance. It also decreases the learning curve once you get
in that role."
She knows learning curves. When she first moved into portfolio management, some of her clients were real estate investment
trusts (REITs), which bring their own financial complexities.
She had to "learn from my clients and sometimes you don't
always get that opportunity. It would have been nice to have
that in advance."
The CAM training provides insight into the numbers that
are "driving our decision making," she said. "You really dig into

the capital expenditures and cap rates. Had I taken this sooner,
I would have been able to come to the table with that information in hand. Sometimes if you don't have that information, you
lose your seat at the table."
At the regional level, it was a focus on the whys behind decisions that were made, not on the actions themselves. "You can
have impactful conversations with your ownership. You've got
to optimize the time spent with them, and make it meaningful.
Don't talk adding balloons, but talk about the value behind it.
The CAPS course helped me see that."
Providing the time and paying for the course will pay off in the
long run, White believes. "We allow our team members to take
the courses without having to use their vacation days and we
pay for the course," she said. And yes, there is always a concern
that credentialing will mean that employees are sought after
by competitors.
"But that saying is true: 'I'd rather train them and they leave
than not train them and they stay,'" White said. "I'd rather get
the benefits of that added knowledge base. Every company can
become its own bubble. But through these certifications, we
get to stay relevant and viable and be meaningful every day."
For those hiring, the designations say a lot, said John Inman,
Co-Chair of the AAA Education Committee and President of
HMI Property Solutions. "Credentialing programs are a significant investment of time, energy and money. What that says
to me is this person isn't just passing through the industry.
They're planning to be in the industry for a long time. Beyond
that, they've gone through rigorous curriculum and can hit
the ground running and have a positive impact on operations
pretty quickly."
On a personal level, credentials have helped White to
prove her value. "That's the thing with education," White
said. "Once you have it, it's yours. It allows you to be more of
an influencer."

Atlanta Multifamily Professional (AMP) is designed for those new
to the industry. "We developed this program to fill the need for
someone who has never been in the industry before or has little
to no experience. Several of our members use this program as a
way of "On Boarding" new leasing associate said AAA Education
Coordinator Kimberly Cable. "It's designed to help individuals
acquire the skills they need to know, from the first contact with a
prospect to closing the sale."
Certified Apartment Manager (CAM), a National Apartment
Association (NAAEI) credential program, offered by AAA designed
for those who are moving into a property management role, either
as an assistant or property manager. The CAM designation can be
completed by an instructor lead, in person six-day session with a

proctored online exam, or a completely self-paced online course.
"This course enhances their knowledge and skills of day to day operations for managing a multimillion dollar asset," Cable said. Topics
include finances, reporting, hiring and legal issues and is designed
for a professional with at least 12 months of multifamily experience
in a management role or position.
Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) is a NAAEI credential program designed for someone who has grown to a regional
position and will oversee multiple properties. It also is available in
a classroom setting or online.
Other programs are available for those who are suppliers,
pool operators and housing credit professionals. Learn more at


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