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Residential. Crane was in her final year at
Georgia Tech and thought she was signing
up for a career development course. But she
discovered that she'd signed up for Phillips'
Intro to Multifamily Housing instead.
"I had lived in several apartment
homes, but had never once thought about
the multifamily industry as a career
choice," Crane said. "My plan was to find
an entry-level job somewhere and then
figure out a career path later. I am so glad
that I ended up in that class."
Phillips' enthusiasm for the industry
was contagious and Crane was quickly
infected. "But it was not until we heard
from representatives from a few management groups that I finally sent my
resume to Matrix Residential. All of our
guest speakers had such a passion for the
industry and their careers."
Whitney Miller, now a Property Manager
at Walton Crossing in Austell, may not
have known it at the time, but her history with multifamily went back to
high school. She was active in DECA, a
marketing organization for high school
students. By participating in DECA
activities and competitions, she was
intrigued by business and, more specifically, marketing.
But it was at the University of West
Georgia, where she was a community assistant in student housing, that
Miller saw the "opportunity for me to
use my skills in marketing to promote
a great community and get other students excited. The housing career path
as a whole became something that I really
enjoyed doing."
These days, Miller speaks at DECA
events and high school career days.
"I think it's important to reach out to our
young students and get them excited for
their future and their future possibilities.
Cody Cowart, now a Senior Account
Executive with real estate tech company Yardi, had an apartment in college, which provided an understanding
of the basic concepts of the industry. But
wasn't until he took Phillips' class at the
University of Georgia that he found "a
different side of the real estate industry

that I didn't know existed. Learning how
much opportunity there is was exciting."
Multifamily stood out in another regard,
too: "This industry is never going to go
away. There will always be people who
will need rentals."
Faye Shi had initially been interested
in commercial real estate, but the everchanging nature of multifamily had its
appeal. When she had a conversation with
a guest speaker who came to her class,
she was able to "learn more about the
industry outside of the classroom." Now
a Purchasing Manager with Cortland
Partners, she loves the "uncharted areas"
that multifamily offers.
Ryan Jimenez, now a Marketing
Representative with Veranda at Avalon,
had owned his own business specializing in vehicle vinyl wraps. But reading
the book Rich Dad Poor Dad piqued his
interest in real estate. Late last year, he
began looking into multifamily investing.
"I was planning on getting out of my
business and knew it was time to explore
my interests," he said. A mutual friend
introduced him to Phillips. "Our conversation eventually led to the topic of
Matrix Residential and how she thought
I would be a great fit for the company and
vice versa. I can honestly say how right
she was."
In a short period of time, Jimenez has
found that the career switch made sense
and he sees career advancement as a possibility. "The people you meet within the
industry have all been supportive and you
really get the feeling of desire and willingness to grow together as a team both personally and professionally."
Jessica Tripp, now a Quality Assurance
Manager with Matrix Residential, had
taken some housing classes at the
University of Georgia, but thought she
wanted to work in financial management.
After graduating college, she worked for
a large financial firm, but "still felt like
something was missing." Returning to the
University of Georgia for a visit, she talked
to former professors who suggested job
opportunities in property management.
Connecting with Post Properties at a UGA
career fair sealed the deal.
In the 12 years since, she has held many
positions, including property manager

and some in the corporate setting before
expanding into the business side. "I think
this industry has great potential for anyone that loves to work with people and has
a desire to learn more about this great
industry," she said. "I am happy to say
there is still room for me to grow."
One of the beauties of a career in multifamily is the diversity it offers. That's
how Russell Beaty, now a Development
Associate with Pollack Shores Real Estate
Group, came into it. He began working in
construction scheduling and consulting
with clients building hotels, condos and
some multifamily units. When Pollack
Shores began developing a 425-unit project in Sandy Springs, located within an
existing office park, Beaty was intrigued.
"On the development side, you're given
opportunities to do a lot of things, and
that boosts your experience ten-fold in a
very short period of time," he said. "That
helps you grow into what you want to do."
He finds the industry full of potential. "You're creating something from
nothing, which is the exciting thing.
You get to put on a lot of different hats
and play a lot of different roles. It makes
things interesting."
The need continues. The successes that
GAIEF has enjoyed in developing relationships with educators must be escalated. In order for the industry to reap
the harvest of new talent, more effort
is needed.
Those who have been there before, like
Tripp, make powerful advocates. She
recently spoke to a college class and met
a student who asked for a week-long job
shadow. She delivered.
But more like her are needed,
Harrison said.
"At the end of the day, what we need
are storytellers, people who can get in
front of students and educators and share
their story and how the apartment industry has created opportunity for them in
their career aspirations. "There is nothing more important than getting in front
of a room of young adults and showing them success stories. That's a very
powerful message."


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