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Not Your Father's Industry


or those of you that have been around our industry
for a while, we often reminisce about how "back in
the day" we had a slow season that occurred in the
latter part of each year. No longer are the days of
few payment options, packages available only during business
hours, unfriendly office hours and your customer service
experience being between you and the customer. We are now a
24/7 industry, with our residents expecting more from us than
ever before. Things that come to mind are 24-hour package
availability, payment options with many transaction types,
amenities that are bigger and better. Not to mention virtual
tours, paperless transactions, walkable locations with access to
mass transit and our resident's ability to tell the world how well
we are doing in servicing their needs, 24 hours a day.
We are challenged by things like active shooters, increased
fraudulent activity, how to handle service animal requests and
fair housing, to name a few. As an association, we have worked
with our members to stay abreast of the speed in which our
industry is moving by offering education sessions, providing
expert guidance on how best to embrace the future technology,
hiring for the newest generation, active shooter guidelines
and so much more. If you haven't looked into our educational
offerings lately, please go the AAA website/education. We
think you will be pleasantly surprised with all AAA has to offer.
Our goal is to help AAA members stay in tune with the trends!
Now to recap some of our events since the last issue. The
Peggy Waskom Super Bowl was once again a huge success.
We raised a record amount of over $90,000 for GAIEF and
honored the memory of Peggy Waskom-one of our former
shining stars with AAA. Peggy was one of our first female
Chairs of the association; she had a passion for educating
students about the significant benefits that the Apartment
Industry has to offer.
Our Apartment Market Outlook event was a huge success,
yielding a meaningful forecast of the condition of the market
and predictions for the future. The quality of the information
that we received from our presenters was invaluable. Special
thanks to our mediator Tom Wilkes with Walton Communities,
who did a stellar job at putting this event together.
Not to be outdone, 2017 Can Can Ball was a night to
remember. Co-Chaired by Eric Coryer and Karen Nelson, we
couldn't have expected anything but the best. To pull off an
event like this is very time consuming, to say the least. This
year Ronda Billings, one of our talented AAA staff members
was added to the team! This trio came together with the
committee to pull off the perfect event.

Let's talk about the future! By now, hopefully, you are
signed up for the 2017 GAA Conference, which is being
held at the Sandestin Conference Center. It is another
record-breaking year as we are sold out once again. The
conference offers a smaller event with our local peers and
associate members with outstanding speakers, learning
sessions and without a doubt some opportunities to party on
the beach. See you there!
To spice things up, we have decided to replace the GAA-PAC
Tennis Classic with a Field Day Event to be held at the KSU
Sports and Entertainment Center on September 19th.
Together, Dana Hill and Sherry Freitas have put together what
is sure to be a great day filled with games, networking and a
little bit of competitive spirit. Not signed up? Visit the AAA
website for information on how to sign up today.
The 2017 Food-a-Thon parade will be held on October 20th
at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Co-Chaired by
Virginia Love and Chris Burns, this event is the highlight of
our annual food drive. We will come together as an industry
to provide food for the hungry and Atlanta. This year's theme
is sports related, and with that in mind, let's make it a Grand
Slam, Touchdown in the Final Second, Three Pointer at the
buzzer kind of celebration!
We will all come together on November 16th for the final
dinner meeting of the year, Star Awards. The nominations
are due by September 28th so make sure to meet as a team
to determine the best and brightest at your company to
nominate for the awards. Sign up early as this event is sure
to be sold out! And, come prepared cheer on the winners as
we celebrate our successes for what is sure to be a Best in
Class Year.
As noted in my message in the last Habitat, I will list
additional perspectives that cause multifamily to be more
sustainable than single housing. If you remember we already
covered Energy, Transit, and Health. The next three are:

Infrastructure While single family subdivisions are the
poster child for sprawl and inefficient land use, apartments
capitalize on using building height and shared walls to
greatly increase efficiency and density.
By building vertically in denser areas, apartments need
far less new and incremental public infrastructure than a
sprawling suburb with single family housing. Long term
maintenance of infrastructure is more efficient and cost
effective with population density.

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