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>>>>>> BOOK REVIEW The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are BOOK WRITTEN BY BRENÉ BROWN, PH.D., L.M.S.W. BOOK REVIEW WRIT TEN BY RANDI LEANNE ROY, RN, BSCN We live in a society that defines very intimate details about our lives: how we should act; what we should wear; the size of our waist; the parenting styles we choose; and, of course, the ways we should view ourselves. When we are too busy living with shame, perfectionism and unworthiness, we become more fearful than courageous, more judgmental than compassionate and more alone than truly connected. The troubling truth about this reality that we all live in, is that when we obey society's dictatorship, we shield ourselves from the beautiful gifts around us: these are the gifts of imperfection. Rather than "trying to be cool" and "fitting in," Brené Brown proposes that we should all try to be a little bit more vulnerable. By joining this small revolution of worthiness, we can begin to embrace a new, wholehearted life. The fascinating thing about her research is that she exposes some very real truths about each and every one of us. However, the amazing thing is: no matter what our story is, we matter. Each of us are meant to live with a "deep sense of love and belonging" and we have a duty to our children to support them to live a healthier way. With her unique and real-life storytelling abilities, Brené Brown teaches us how courage, compassion and connection can help us live a wholehearted life. She describes 10 important and essential guideposts needed for this challenging yet exciting journey to worthiness. This book is really meant for anyone who is willing to be a little bit more vulnerable and open to a new way of living their world. Whether counsellors, teachers or parents, we can all learn a better way to embrace the gifts of imperfection, and, ultimately how to teach these gifts to the children in our lives. In BC, there is a life-changing personal development program known as Choices Seminars. Like Brené Brown's book, this program teaches a set of valuable tools about how to love, forgive and accept ourselves. This Vancouver-based program invites anyone who desires to live a joyful, passionate and spiritual life, to attend a variety of courses tailored to improving one's self-worth and to discover their life purpose. During the seminar, a variety of self-help resources are made available to participants and their families. Lo and behold, Brené Brown is one of the many authors included in this spread. Whether you are simply thinking about how to improve your quality of life, or you are completely ready to take that scary/ exciting/vulnerable leap of faith to a new you, consider The Gifts of Imperfection. Brené Brown has a unique way of making you feel understood, valued and not alone. With this quick read, you won't want to put it down until you have mastered her guideposts to a wholehearted life! Is there a book on your reading list? Have you read a book you would like to share with your colleagues? Contributions to the book review are always welcome. We will even buy you a book to review! Contact the magazine's editor at bcsca.editor@gmail.com with the title of your book. Your free book will arrive in the mail; read it and write a review for this magazine. 6 BC Counsellor | Spring/Summer 2015 | www.bcschoolcounsellor.com http://www.bcschoolcounsellor.com

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