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>>>>> COUNSELLOR CORNER Welcome to the Counsellor Corner! This section help connect counsellors and showcase some of the amazing members that make up our association. Being a counsellor can sometimes be a lonely job, so we hope this space helps you to connect and relate to your profession and the amazing people who work tirelessly every day to help our youth. In this section, we will bring you a variety of item to help you connect with other counsellors, including Q&As, awards winners, technology updates and more. We will also help keep you connected by keeping you up-to-date with our online happenings. If you have a suggestion or just want to reach out, email Editor Rachael Ryals at: rryals@naylor.com or BCSCA Editor Barb Zang at bcsca.editor@gmail.com. Lorrie Ann Riedel, BCSCA Vice-President How long have you been a school counsellor? A:  I have been an elementary school counsellor for approximately 5 years. What has been your participation level in the BCSCA? A:  I originally joined the BC School Counsellors Association when a colleague told us about it at one of our weekly meetings. She was a past president and was worried the PSA would fold if people did not step forward and let their names stand. She said we would get a free trip to the exciting city of Vancouver. From that  time forward I have indeed enjoyed many trips to the beautiful city of Vancouver as the PD Chair, Conference Chair, and Vice President. In what ways has membership in the BCSCA affected your job? A:  I was going to say it has taken me away from my job at times for meetings but as I type I am reflecting on what my job would have been like these past few years if I had not stepped forward. I have met so many wonderful, passionate people both from the executive and the people who speak at our conference. I have learned so many resourceful ideas from our colleagues on the listserve and loved watching the banter go on about subjects my knowledge of was very limited. So, yes it has and continues to be a fulfilling experience. What drew you to this profession? A:  It was my experience at night school taking a grade 11 course where my fascination began with psychology. After spending years in the classroom and at our distance education program (Ebus) I finally decided to reconnect with my first passion so I went for my masters in psychology and counselling. What is the best thing and worst thing about being a school counsellor? A:  Best thing ever is when you know you are making a difference in a child's life. Worse thing ever is when you know there is a big problem and all the big guns are involved but it seems to be unfixable and a small little child is left sitting in that sad situation. Note: a solution may be forthcoming. If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be? A:  To fix all the problems at school so everyone was happy about it but most importantly the children were respected and felt like we all cared about them. Okay, so I also wish that there were no icy roads. How do you see the school counsellor's role in the broader community beyond school? A:  I see our role as being an advocate for our students both at school and beyond. I interact with the families and BC Counsellor | Spring/Summer 2015 | www.bcschoolcounsellor.com the community resources that help our students and their families. Awareness of compassion fatigue is growing. What things do you do to prevent your own compassion fatigue? A:  Well, I have to say I am feeling it now but knowing I will have a lovely break in a warm place with my sister, whom I love dearly, is comforting. I am also a firm believer in daily physical activity; I love going to cross fit and I try to sign myself up for a race to keep me motivated to move. I am training for a half-marathon in May 2015. Oh and I have two beautiful big dogs who run with me and when I am not training I am walking with them. If you were not a school counsellor, what would you be doing? A:  I guess I would have won the lottery, huh? Visit the BC School Counsellors website at www.bcschoolcounsellor.com and check out the profiles of all the BCSCA executive. Then, follow the link to the conference website and register to attend the BCSCA conference in October 2015. 7 http://www.bcschoolcounsellor.com http://www.bcschoolcounsellor.com

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