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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CHAIR Plotting Your Journey in 2014 WOULD YOU BEGIN driving from New York City to Los Angeles without a map or GPS? Of course not! Arriv- "As a new year gets underway, think carefully about your vision and mission statement. They will serve as coordinates guiding your strategic plan; and consider these tips as you plot your journey." ing at any long-range destination demands a road map. And while a cross-country road trip is difficult, it's nothing compared to the challenging "highway" that today's school owners must navigate. A strategic plan is the road map that will help your school along the journey. As a new year gets underway, think carefully about your vision and mission statement. They will serve as coordinates guiding your strategic plan; and consider these tips as you plot your journey. Log your progress. Don't fold up the plan and put it away. Review your strategic plan regularly. How far have you traveled? What hazards lurk around the corner? Did you inadvertently get off track? Don't take on too much. Attempting to travel too far, too fast can cause a breakdown. Set reasonable expectations for what can be accomplished in a particular timeframe. Set reachable goals. Stretch goals are good, but make sure they are realistic given budgets, human resources and external market conditions. Get buy-in from staff and those accountable for the plan. Even if they're not in the "driver's seat," your staff members are more than passengers on the journey. They will have a direct impact on whether you reach your destination, so involve them in the plan. Communication is key. Your plan will receive better buy-in when all levels of staff understand the objectives and tasks as well as the reasoning behind the plan. Strive to innovate. Don't rely on time-worn paths to get where you want to go next. Be creative, but have a plan in place to manage innovation. Finally, remember to be flexible and continue implementing as the year unfolds. Happy trails as you drive towards a successful 2014. DON YEARWOOD AACS PRESIDENT 10 | B E A U T Y L I NK | PRE P-A-RA-T ION | 2014 Teaching Wisdom from the Boy Scouts TEACHING INSPIRATION CAN come from some unusual the Boy Scouts of America! The organization's motto of "Be Prepared" is sound advice for every instructor seeking to plan their work and work their plan. As you scout out your plan for 2014, here are some tips: Be personally grounded. Esteemed, credible teachers keep their personal lives out of the classroom. Get the junk out of your trunk before class starts. Be content grounded. Know your material in advance. The quickest way to lose credibility is to be caught "learning" or pulling together a lesson before class starts. Set your class up for success. Consider the size of the class. Tables and chairs should be set up to optimize viewing and retention of information presented. Ensure that the teaching space is clean, well-lit and welcoming. Determine tools and materials. Consider how handouts, a PowerPoint or video might make textbook information "come to life." A surefire way to disengage students is to find out that the slide clicker's batteries aren't working or the projector's bulb is burned out. Check the white board and make sure it's updated with the day's agenda. Be the secret ingredient. Ingredients make a meal, but not until the cook brings them together in the right way. Think about how you can apply curriculum so that students will want to digest it. Remember, students can buy textbooks anywhere and they know how to read. As an instructor, you're the "secret ingredient" that makes the lesson (recipe) appealing. Avoid four nasty words of discredit. Nothing broadcasts lack of preparation more than saying, "Let's learn this together." Know thyself. Before class, ask yourself: "Am I prepared to present today's lesson in a way that will provide maximum benefit to students?" Best wishes throughout your 2014 journey! CAROL WOODARD CEA CHAIR

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Message from the AACS President and CEA Chair
An Audit-Ready Mentality
Launching a Career in Beauty
Your Fire: Your Purpose
Beauty Changes Lives
Good for Them and Good for Your School
Superstar Graduate
Stopping the Taboo Mentality
Skin Care Council
Planning Your Financial Future in 2014
A Student’s Perspective
What They Want
2013 AACS Annual Convention In Review
People & Places
Associate Member Profiles: Accountants
Upcoming 2014 Events
New School Members
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BeautyLink - Volume 6, Issue 1