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SUPERSTAR GRADUATE BY BEAUTYLINK STAFF "I am constantly increasing my professional knowledge by buying books and magazines that strengthen my knowledge in different areas." Do you know a superstar graduate? Send a brief bio along with the graduate's contact information to editor@ Your superstar could be featured in the next issue of BeautyLink! 30 Claudia Rocabado Bond Pure Esthetics Tucson, Arizona change as a threat, while others view periods of transition as an opportunity. Pure Esthetics graduate Claudia Rocabado Bond falls into the latter category. Upon graduating from the Tucson-based school in July 2012, Bolivian-born Claudia began her career at a record pace. And while her husband's recent military assignment to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, means Claudia will be starting over, she is confident that her esthetics career has only begun. What kind of records did this formal physical therapist establish upon joining an ULTA store with no active esthetics ser v ice? Claudia became the first ULTA employee in any location to be promoted to Master Skin Therapist in less than a year. Within nine months, Claudia's services represented 19 percent of the 10-person salon's business. Similarly, the dollar value of services at her retail location skyrocketed to 19th in the nation, including stores with multiple skin therapists. Quantitative retail data tells only part of the story. Claudia's online ratings proved she was also meeting the qualitative expectations of those she served. She was ranked at the top of quality reviews on the company website, and her earnings similarly soared. Claudia was looking forward to setting new goals at ULTA when her husband was transferred to South Korea. Claudia views the change as an interruption but not a setback. She has researched the market in Korea and is looking forward to the opportunities to continue her career in skin care. "The beauty market in Korea is growing every day," she said. "Koreans love organic products and the market has traditionally enjoyed skin care treatments. It's a great place to obtain skills that are applicable worldwide and export them to the U.S.," said the entrepreneurially minded esthetician. For Claudia, success is not a matter of geography, but of an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to SOME INDIVIDUALS SEE | B E A U T Y L I NK | PRE P-A-R A-T ION | 2014 continually learn. She credits her desire to learn with her rapid promotion at ULTA. "I am constantly increasing my professional knowledge by buying books and magazines that strengthen my knowledge in different areas," she said. Her customers at ULTA became loyal because she delivered consistently high-quality treatments that met their skin care needs and she mixed up the experience for clients. "I always strive to be consistent in client treatments but also make each treatment a little better by adding a new massage or simply using different oils," she said. The "changing it up" tactic makes the client want to return for a new treatment, while the consistency of quality service builds client loyalty. Claudia adv ises new estheticians to focus on establishing and meeting goals. "At ULTA, I was responsible for meeting company goals, but I also established my own stretch goals, tracking my numbers according to the customer count and service," she said. Organization and expressed interest in the customer are other skills that new students should cultivate. "I always called my clients the day after a treatment to ask how their skin looked and felt, and ask if they had any questions," she said. In addition to routine follow-up, Claudia also called customers on their birthdays. And while talking with clients is great after a treatment, Claudia warns estheticians to keep quiet during a service. "I've heard clients say that they stopped going to a salon for treatments because they could not relax due to the esthetician constant talking," she said. When it comes to career planning, Claudia says there is no better choice than esthetics. "This is a very gratifying career, and if you love to help others it will bring you not only satisfaction but an amazing income opportunity!"

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