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A STUDENT'S PERSPECTIVE Wine Connoisseur Turned Barbering Connoisseur Student: School: City: Enrolled Since: Study Area: Hobbies: "Cutting hair is a lot like wine. You can take a wine tasting workshop and know a little, but with continued learning you can eventually become an expert." Stacey Conn Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology Branford, Connecticut Nov. 11, 2012 Cosmetology Tennis, reading, walking her dog PERHAPS YOU'VE NEVER considered the similarities between a wine connoisseur and a hair stylist. Stacey Conn, a recent graduate of Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology in Brandford, Connecticut, says that wine tasting and haircutting are more similar than they initially appear. "Cutting hair is a lot like wine. You can take a wine tasting workshop and know a little, but with continued learning you can eventually become an expert," she said. Even though she just left the cosmetology classroom, Stacey hopes to continue learning and eventually move from beauty school graduate to a barbering connoisseur. Fresh from passing the State Board exam, Stacey spoke with BeautyLink about her beauty school experience. What did you do before enrolling in cosmetology school? After earning a bachelor's of science degree in Management, I worked in the restaurant industry for 21 years. I loved the customer service part of the work but not the corporate stress. What prompted your career change? I wanted to do something that gave me a sense of satisfaction. I love seeing customers leave with a smile on their face. I thought about how much I'd always loved cutting my brother's hair, and cosmetology just felt like the right fit. How did you select a school? Does your school have a student you'd like us to interview for a future "A Student's Perspective" in BeautyLink? Write to us at 40 I checked out every school in my area. At Bradford, I received a friendly reception and the staff did a great job of answering my questions and making the enrollment process easy. The admissions team stayed in touch with me via email as I evaluated schools. Even the financial aid process was straightforward and easy. Aside from style, what is different about serving male and female clients? Men are "lower maintenance" and trust the stylist's recommendations. They are open to suggestions. A woman will specify how much length to cut, the precise color she wants and where the color should be applied. Guys view the hairstylist as the expert. What do you think makes an outstanding instructor in the cosmetology classroom? Professionalism is important in every job. Being on time and having a professional appearance are important because the instructor is a model for how students should behave when they begin working in a salon. It is also important that an instructor knows the content and how to teach to different learning types. What were some particularly helpful parts of the learning experience? I enjoyed learning about individual skin chemistry and coloring. We did monthly model workshops where we created different looks such as a bridal look or zombie look. It's easy to look at a color palette and envision what a shade will look like. But when the color is applied to an individual, their hair color, eye color, complexion and skin tone can totally change the effect. You just passed the state boards. What advice would you offer to students preparing to take their state exams? Take your time and prepare thoroughly. Make sure to read the questions very carefully because just one word can influence the answer. I made flash cards and reviewed the entire Milady book. The exam covered questions from every section of the 1,087-page book. What did you enjoy most about school? Is there any other advice you'd like to share? I learned how much I enjoyed cutting men's hair in the student salon and determined I'd like to eventually become a barber. Mentors are a great help. Find a professional hairstylist who will let you hang out in the salon, observe and ask questions. | B E A U T Y L I NK | PRE P-A-R A-T ION | 2014

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