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You Can't Have it All THE MANTRA OF A GREAT NICHE BY DR. LYnDA fALKEnSTEIn Learn More 1 Identify your "Wish List." Who do you want to do business with? Conversely, who don't you want your customers to be? No waffling on your answer here. Remember, those who select a niche career path can't be all things to all people-and be successful. Decide who your priority target audience will be. 2 What is your focus? How often have you heard someone say they have so many interests, it's just hard to settle on one? This issue may not be a problem if you're just talking about a hobby, but if it is your business or profession there's no room for "all over the mappism." Many a business has compromised a winning formula by straying off its unique point of differentiation. Your focus must be clean and clear to your customers so they will know what you stand for and what you're about. STEP STEP The following steps can help students develop a path toward a niche career. As you discuss opportunities in niche careers with your students-or think about carving out a school niche-consider the following nine steps: STEP S ucces sf u l ha i r st yl ist s understand the wisdom in the statement, "You can't be all things to all people." While beauty schools have a responsibility to provide a comprehensive beauty and wellness education that meets state standards, students should be encouraged to explore their niche interests-whether it's working with multicultural skin types or treating clients with conditions that affect their hair. Many successful hairstylists have carved out rewarding career paths that allow them to focus on a particular niche. A great niche can help a hairstylist thrive in a rapidly evolving environments. A well-crafted niche differentiates a hairstylist from others and helps attract clients looking for niche expertise. 3 Look at the world from the client's point of view. What is it they want to achieve? Humans are emotional creatures and wants typically trump needs. Whether you run a school, are an instructor, or also work as a stylist on the floor, you provide solutions to your customers' desires. Once you understand customers' wants, you're in a position to speak their language in your marketing and communications. The courses ed103 - student Learning and assessment and ML134 - Career Management are available on the AACS Online Training Center. Members call AACS at 800-831-1086 for your VIP Discount Code. Visit the following URLs to learn more about these courses: and B e aut yL i nk | H A I R- RA I S I N G P RA C TI C ES | 2 0 1 5 | 41

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The Year in Review
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Building Blocks that Separate Top Performers
12 Ways to Maximize Cut-a-Thon Success
Extend Your School's Offerings with Eyelash Extensions
Hack-Proof Your School's Social Media
You Can't Have it All
Celebrating 90 Years as an Association

BeautyLink - Volume 7 Issue 1