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The Professional Nail Industry & Schools IN-DEPTH REPORT PART TWO OF A TWO-PART SERIES BY JENN LYLES L ast year was record breaking for the nail industry with $7.47 billion spent on nail services, according to Nails magazine’s 2012-2013 Big Book. Their latest stats reveal only 5 percent of nail professionals average more than 50 hours a week, with the majority working about half that. The flexibility and stable 7 manicures 9 pedicures Each week, nail techs do an average of: 9 gel-polish applications 2 sets of gel toenails 12 acrylic fills and full sets SOURCE: NAILS MAGAZINE, 2012-2013 INDUSTRY STATISTICS 22 | B EAU TYLINK | TH I N K ING OUTSIDE THE TOOL B OX | 2013 income are among the top reasons that careers in nails are growing at such a fast rate. In the la st issue of BeautyLink, we explored how the Vietnamese population has found success in the nail industry and how schools like Advance Beauty College in Southern California have a booming nail program with 90 percent of enrolled students being Asian. Then there’s the other side of the equation, where Carol Woodard, education trainer for Ogle Cosmetology Schools in Texas, told us they don’t have enough interest to reinstate their nail program, which closed 10 years ago. AACS has recently discovered a growing trend in beauty schools around the nation—many are closing their nail programs. The reasons vary. Some just prefer to focus on hair or skin, others can’t compete with nail-only schools, but Doni Horn, YourNewSchool account executive and OPI guest artist, believes the top reason deals with fi nancials. “The nail program is usually a [cash-only] program,” she said. “That’s why schools are deciding not to do it anymore. There aren’t enough hours for federal funding.” Currently, the Pell Grant program requires a course to be at least 600 clock hours and 15 weeks in length for students to be eligible. With nail program hours varying from state to state, the majority fall short of the 600-hour minimum. “Short programs between 300 and 599 clock hours are eligible for prorated loans only if the school can prove by an auditor

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Message from the AACS President and CEA CO-Chairs
The workings of Washington
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The Professional Nail Industry & Schools
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The Digital Classroom
Outside the Beauty Box
Getting Outside the Box
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Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 2