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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CO-CHAIRS It is not that every student gets equal, but every student gets what they need that will jettison them to greatness. Getting the Most Value NEVER BEFORE HAVE there been so many tools available to help schools and their students succeed. But even the best tool won’t deliver results if it is not taken out of the box and utilized. As school owners and leaders, we must commit to getting the most value out of the tools available to us. Following are five tips that can help your school use its tools effectively. 1. Analyze your toolbox. Are your tools rusty or obsolete? Is it time to replace antiquated systems with new tools that can perform the job more efficiently? 2. Do you have the right tools? Making do with an ad-hoc system can be just as dangerous as doing without a tool. Ask your staff whether the tools they use are meeting their needs. 3. Innovate. There are always ways to improve how work gets done. Read about concepts such as lean manageWHEN IT COMES to thinking outside of the tool box, beauty ment and total quality. While school students and educators are in a league of their own! these topics often focus on But that’s no reason to rest on our laurels. manufacturing, the principles Successful educators are always looking for new sources of efficient processes apply to of inspiration to push their students to the next level. When every organization. an instructor shares his or her curiosity with a class of beauty 4. Measure. Anecdotes are nice, school students, he or she is modeling the importance of but documented results speak continually asking new questions. Remember, the greatest louder. From attendance to tool a teacher has is a creative mind. retail sales, incorporate meaHere are a few “out of the toolbox” ideas to inspire your surement metrics in your students: toolbox. • Take your class on a field trip to a modern art museum. While you tour the facility, talk about how artists con5. Celebrate. When an idea nect with their audience and the angles, flow and use of moves your school forward, color that bring together an artist’s vision. Ask students celebrate the victory. to share how the artwork inspires them. What about you, dear reader? • Assign your esthetics students a case study. Ask them to Are you far enough outside the document the results of a skin treatment plan on a model box to innovate? I recommend or client. two excellent books that remind • Hold a reverse job fair and invite local salons to come in us of how precious every stuand check out your students’ work. dent is and how education, no • Sometimes it’s all about semantics. Instead of asking matter how humble, can transyour students to “journal,” encourage them to blog. form lives. It is not that every • You’ve heard it before, but leverage technology. Instead student gets equal, but every of having students create a vision board with poster student gets what they need paper and cut-outs, encourage them to create a virtual that will jettison them to greattour of their future salon, including a brand and logo ness. Please read The Rainbow design. Troops by Andrea Hirata and Don’t be afraid to borrow other educators’ ideas. Check Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s biography My B eloved World. out Dan Cavanagh’s article about challenging the status quo Both remind us that it is the on page 27 for more ideas on jumpstarting creativity in the student who will point the comclassroom. If you have an out-of-the-toolbox idea you’d like pass, but we who must provide to share with readers, send it to the leadership! The Greatest Tool CHRISTINE GORDON AACS PRESIDENT 8 | B E AU TYLINK | T H I N K ING OUTSIDE THE TOOL B OX | 2013 CAROL WOODARD AND DAN CAVANAGH CEA CO-CHAIRS

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Message from the AACS President and CEA CO-Chairs
The workings of Washington
Unite to Build a Community
The Ultimate Software Review
A Student's Perspective
The Professional Nail Industry & Schools
Step by Step
Challenging the Status Quo
And then there’s compliance
Forward to the Future
Listserve Q & A
Beauty School Budgeting
Skin Care Council
The Digital Classroom
Outside the Beauty Box
Getting Outside the Box
Beauty changes lives
Think Local!
Superstar Graduate
Participation Wanted
A Profound Impact
People & Places
New Products & Services
Associate Member Profiles: Financial Aid Servicers
New School Members
Upcoming 2013-14 Events
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Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 2