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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT & AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CHAIR Have You Hugged Your State Board Lately? HUGGING YOUR STATE board "Show me and I will forget. Tell me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand. A balance of show me (demo), tell me (theory) and involve me (hands-on practice) is the perfect formula for a balanced class." sounds like a tough assignment given today's choppy regulatory waters. However, developing solid relationships with state licensing boards can be critical to fostering legislative progress. Check out "Working with State Authorization and Cosmetology Licensing Boards-Voices from the Trenches" on page 18 for tips on strengthening legislative relationships. I've learned that viewing your state licensing board as an ally and not merely as a regulatory agency serves you well during times of state rule/statute review periods. However, fostering relationships with your state board doesn't happen overnight. Even if you don't have a state cosmetology school association (and I would strongly encourage you to form one), you can make inroads establishing rapport at the school level: * Attend every state board meeting. Consistent attendance demonstrates that everything they address is important to you. If you only attend when "hot topic" issues are discussed it is hard to form a strong bond. BALANCE MEANS HAVING the right amount-not too much or too * Get to know state board little-of any quality, which leads to harmony or evenness. You members on a professional might admire the balance someone has achieved between working hard and having fun. level. Commend them on their commitment to our industry. As educators, we must use the proper balance when preparing If they only hear your negative and delivering lesson plans. Consider the Chinese proverb: "Show :eedback, forming a level of me and I will forget. Tell me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand." trust may be difficult to obtain. A balance of show me (demo), tell me (theory) and involve me * Learn their governance style. (hands-on practice) is the perfect formula for a balanced class. Too Are they a "slow to move" board or a "shoot from the hip" board? much theory (lecture) will result in weak skills. Too much handsUnderstanding these nuances on work without theory will result in students struggling to pass will be helpful when you need their state board exam. Too much fun in the classroom will lead to diminished respect for the instructor. Not enough fun will result in to gather constituent support or attendance problems. An over-reliance on technology, such as too opposition on industry issues. many PowerPoint lessons, may even lead to "death by PowerPoint." * Volunteer for state board advisory committees. They When a person has balance in their life, they experience less profesneed input from the education sional stress and lower their risk of burnout. As educators, we can model balance for our students in a number of ways and show them sector, and you want to be in the heart of any meaningful diahow a state of balance will benefit them personally and professionally: logue regarding industry issues * Balanced nutrition promotes health and a sharp mind, fueland potential changes. ing creativity. We know the beauty industry is the epitome of * Let them know that you are creativity. a reliable resource for pro* Balance creates a beautiful haircut. A hairstylist's good posture viding quick feedback from and balanced stance will shape a balanced haircut. * Balance protects. Good posture coupled with ergonomic tools the cosmetology school perspective. help hairstylists feel their best while minimizing the risk of carpal A "partner" climate with your tunnel syndrome and injuries. state board will benefit your * Balance fosters momentum. The only way to balance on a bicycle school in the long run so come is to keep moving forward. Remind students that "tomorrow is a new day" when their confidence begins to waver. on...give them a big hug! Personal and Professional Models of Balance DON YEARWOOD AACS PRESIDENT 10 | B E A U T Y L I NK | BAL *ANCE | 2014 CAROL WOODARD CEA CHAIR

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Message From the Aacs President & Cea Chair
The Workings of Washington
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Voices From the Trenches
Creating Harmony in the Classroom
Living an Integrated Life
A Student’s Perspective
And Then There’s Compliance
This Hairstylist Is on Fire!
Keeping the Enrollment Funnel Flowing
Beauty Changes Lives
Significant Changes
Battle of the Strands
Cyber Liability and Data Security
Superstar Graduate
Plagued by More Delays
Voices From the Classroom
Launching a Blow Out Career
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