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Keeping the Enrollment Funnel Flowing MOVING PROSPECTS FROM INQUIRY TO ENROLLMENT BY BEAUTYLINK STAFF W ithin the consumer goods and services marketplace, most everyday purchasing decisions are made with little consideration. But when it comes to an individual's future career, buying decisions are carefully evaluated and there are many opportunities for prospects to "fall out" of the sales funnel. How well are beauty school admissions departments managing the enrollment funnel to move prospects from inquiry to enrollment? Vince Norton, managing partner at Norton|Norris, says most for-profit schools do a good job in the initial and final stages of the enrollment process, but fail to manage the middle of the funnel. "The one exception I continue to observe at almost all schools is nurturing. Schools are eager to get prospects in for an interview and adept at helping individuals enroll. However, the student who needs time to explore options before enrolling is left to wither in the weeds," he said. Norton says schools must embrace nurturing. "The old axiom 'if you mail, you fail' should be abolished," he said. "What other industry would ignore a request for information and insist that a prospect visit the school to get details? And might it be possible that pushing students to the 'next start' may negatively impact retention?" 36 | BE AUT Y L I NK | BAL*ANCE | 2014

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Message From the Aacs President & Cea Chair
The Workings of Washington
Creating a Recipe for the Future
Voices From the Trenches
Creating Harmony in the Classroom
Living an Integrated Life
A Student’s Perspective
And Then There’s Compliance
This Hairstylist Is on Fire!
Keeping the Enrollment Funnel Flowing
Beauty Changes Lives
Significant Changes
Battle of the Strands
Cyber Liability and Data Security
Superstar Graduate
Plagued by More Delays
Voices From the Classroom
Launching a Blow Out Career
People & Places
New Products & Services
Associate Member Profiles: Distributors
New School Members
Upcoming 2014-15 Events
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BeautyLink - Volume 6, Issue 2