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Plagued by More Delays THE LATEST ON HEALTH CARE REFORM FOR SMALL BUSINESSES BY REBECCA ROLFE O nce again the Obama administration announced another delay to health care reform. The employer mandate is the portion of PPACA that imposes penalties if coverage is either not offered or falls below set minimum values. Employers with 50-99 employees now have until 2016 to comply. This is a welcome reprieve for mid-size employers and it gives them time to adjust to additional changes coming. Beauty schools with over 100 employees will have to meet all of the requirements of the mandate at their renewal date in 2015. Schools that are on the cusp of 100 employees need to beware; purposefully reducing workforce to try to escape the mandate will not work. All employers will have to go through a certification process to demonstrate that during the "One heavily contested aspect of reform was the reduction of the full-time hour requirement from 40 hours to 30." period beginning February 9, 2014, and ending December 31, 2014, they did not willfully reduce the size of their workforce, or overall hours of service of their employees, in order to satisfy the workforce size condition. A six-month review period to count employees has been established to determine if the mandate applies for the subsequent year. One heavily contested aspect of reform was the reduction of the full-time hour requirement from 40 hours to 30. This change made many more employees eligible for group insurance, further straining employer finances. There is legislation in Congress today to repeal the 30-hour requirement and lobbyists are working to get the requirement repealed. Look for an announcement on this before the end of 2014. Although it is early in the year, medical carriers are already beginning to price their health plans for 2015. Benefit plan offerings, networks and rates are all subject to change. So far, the plans introduced in 2014 have been well received and seem to be working well. We anticipate that this trend will carry over to plans offered next year. One way that carriers have tried to limit price increases is by narrowing the physician and hospital networks offered. In most states they are offering the full PPO and HMO networks that we are all used to, and one or two narrow network options which only include certain hospitals and providers. Late this year and next, we anticipate an additional offering B E AUT YL I NK | BA L* A N C E | 2 0 1 4 | 51

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