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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CHAIR It's Spring-Time for Renewal! has served up some very interesting scenarios for our schools, business and political climate. I am reminded of the message of John W. Gardner in his book Self-Renewal that really all systems, whether natural or human-made, experience periods of evolutionary change - methodical and sometimes imperceptible; and sometimes revolutionary change - in-your-face and chaotic. The latter being the most uncomfortable and yet most rewarding. Our beauty/wellness industry and our schools are always on the move! As AACS President, it is with pleasure that I share the progress of some of our "renewal initiatives" to support our membership: We are excited about the new professional and personal chapter of our CEO, Jim Cox. Yet, it has created a challenge to identify a new candidate that will be able to seamlessly take the lead of our Association. I'm pleased to share that we have received, and are in the process of, vetting over 70 viable candidates. Visit the website to review the position description for our new Executive Director position. The response to our recent webinar series was a testament to our schools' education and a reflection on how we can all improve. In one session we had over 600 participants. We are continuA PENNY SAVED is a penny earned ~Abraham Lincoln ing to keep a finger on the pulse of develWe promise students that we will guide them to reachopments that affect us so that we can ing their dreams. We tell them all about the opportunities provide the value of information and that the world of beauty holds for them. We teach them the technical skills for creating the ultimate customer best practices. satisfaction experience. One very impactful change in progress is the new GRC website rolling out We must go the extra step of teaching them about very soon. It is visually inviting, easy finances by helping them set financial goals. Setting to use and has a very robust "Action" financial goals is not only smart, but it also can be very rewarding. As educators, help students to set goals that section. You will have instant access are measurable, relevant, trackable and attainable. to your state and federal officials to weigh-in on a number of issues. * Define your goals and write them down Lastly, the new approach to com* Prioritize your goals. Short term, Long term bine the Spring Conference and CEA * Put together an action plan that includes milestones Convention is in an effort to unify mesto keep you encouraged Guide the students to ask themselves: saging for admissions, marketing and education functions within schools. * Are my goals attainable? Today, more than ever, our messag* Do I have a plan to pay back my student loans? ing needs to be clear, accurate and * Did I include continuing education in my budget? consistent. When we teach a student to prioritize their finances, Our commitment continues to prowe teach them the real key to success. It is not how vide value to support your progress smart we are; it is how we are smart that matters in the game of life. through the renewal process. SO FAR 2016 The response to our recent webinar series was a testament to our schools, education and a reflection on how we can all improve. Focus on the Finances CHRISTINE GORDON AACS PRESIDENT EDUCATION AND EMPOWERMENT ISSUE 10 | B E AU TYLINK | FO CUSING ON F INANC IAL S | 2 016 CAROL WOODARD CEA CHAIR

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Message From the AACS President and CEA Chair
Workings of Washington
CEA Gets Amped Up in Vegas
The Bottom Line: What You Should Discuss With Your CP
Revelations About the Department of Education
Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping for Suppliers — It Isn’t Retail Therapy!
And Then There’s Compliance
Students and Money Management
Voices From the Classroom
Superstar Graduate
Beauty Changes Lives
People & Places
New Products & Services
Associate Member Profiles: Financial Services
New School Members
Upcoming 2016 Events
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BeautyLink - Volume 8, Issue 2