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WORKINGS OF WASHINGTON Keep Doing the Right Thing, And Eventually Good Things Are Bound To Happen It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.-Leonardo da Vinci your Government Relations Committee remain focused on going out and making things happen! Yes, times are most definitely tough right now. The recent denial of recertification of Marinello Schools of Beauty in California and Nevada by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Federal Student Aid; sluggish implementation of the gainful employment regulations without proper and/or timely guidance; and unsuccessful attempts, to date, to find legislative relief have everyone pushed to their limits. But we cannot, must not, let these legitimate regulatory frustrations and concerns distract us from our compliance responsibilities and duties. And, we emphatically continue to advocate for Congressional enactment of reasoned and responsible legislative relief. Keeping our sights focused on the path ahead, here is a brief summation of the resources and efforts on your behalf for you to use to make things happen on your campus, and how you can continue to help us happen to things in Washington! YOUR ASSOCIATION AND Your GRC's primary legislative focus remains urgent and necessary relief from the pending gainful employment regulations. Compliance, Compliance, Compliance BY TOM NETTING 12 In immediate response to the issues raised in the Department's denial of Marinello's recertification, AACS -in conjunction with our counsel and Associate Members - moved quickly to develop a series of webinars highlighting information to be gleaned from the allegations and steps your institution(s) can take to ensure compliance. These webinars include: * Ripped from the Headlines: A Thoughtful Discussion From Your Association. Presented by Ed Cramp, Duane Morris, LLP * Misrepresentation - Recent Developments: What You Need to Know. Presented by Ed Cramp and Katherine Brodie, Duane Morris, LLP * Under Awarding: Staying Compliant. Presented by Deborah John, DJA Financial Aid Services, Inc. * A Thoughtful Discussion on Overtime Charges: Understanding Best Practices. Presented by Ed Cramp and Katherine Brodie, Duane Morris, LLP In addition to these timely webinars, the GRC continues to host Gainful Employment webinars, providing our membership with the very latest on guidance, information, and deadlines relating to compliance with insights obtained directly from Department officials. All of these resources are available for you to use on AACS' website at | B E AU TYLINK | FO CUSING ON F INANC IAL S | 2 016 As a member you were emailed a password to access this information. Legislative Relief Your GRC's primary legislative focus remains urgent and necessary relief from the pending gainful employment regulations. As we have done in the past, our efforts continue to include a longer-term strategy to repeal the regulation in the development and eventual enactment of the next reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. Unfortunately, this process may not be completed, despite previous comments from the House and Senate Education Committees stating that they will, before the publication of the first rates. In recognition of the timing beginning to cause serious problems for your institution, AACS' GRC continues to work towards the development of short-term concepts and proposals designed to either stave off or mitigate the effects of the regulations until Congress and more specifically the Education Committees can address the issue in reauthorization. Given this two-pronged attack, the GRC has, and will continue to develop and explore alternatives that either provide relief for just our students and schools - emphasizing the unique characteristics of our single purpose institutions of higher education, our heavy burden on compliance with state mandates, the socio-economic and heavily slanted demographics of our student populations; as well as broader proposals that present a unified solution for all types of institutions and students for consideration. As and when appropriate, we will request that you take action to present these various proposals to your elected officials - through attendance at town hall meetings, fundraisers, visits to their State or district offices, and/or outreach through various targeted grassroots campaigns and calls to action through the AACS Action website. Speaking of the website, by the time this edition of BeautyLink is published, the GRC will have unveiled our revamped AACS Government Relations Website and Action Center! We hope that you will begin to use the site as your weekly, if not daily, source of the latest information on the actions in Washington impacting your institution and how you can happen to things. We can assure you that the new site is even easier to navigate and interact with, and if you haven't begun to use it by now, we hope that you will be impressed that it is now mobile friendly - meaning that you can access it from your tablet or smartphone at any time! Check it out today and regularly thereafter at

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BeautyLink - Volume 8, Issue 2