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BE AUT Y L I NK | T AK I NG C AR E OF BUS I NE S S Taking Care of AM E RI C A’ S V OI C E I N HA IR , S KI N AN D N A IL E DU CATI ON | V5 , I 3 BUSINESS Inspiring and Pract tica Practical Insights for the Classroom Anticipating the Affordable Care Act’s Affordable Ac ct’s Impact on Small Businesses How to Improve the e Process: Lead with Listening

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 3

Message from the AACS President and CEA CO-Chairs
The Workings of Washington
Celebrate the Power of Educators
The Legacy of Madam Walker
Outside the Beauty Box
Part Art, Part Science
Beauty School Malpractice Liability Insurance
Leverage what Makes Your School Diff erent
Encouraging Health
Help Your Students Shine
Multicultural Corner
Small Business Impacts
Voices from the Classroom
The Best in Business
Step by Step
How to Improve the Process
A Student’s Perspective
Instructor’s View
With a Little Help from Her Friends
Motivating Your Students
Beauty Changes Lives
Get Creative!
Superstar Graduate
2013 Spring Operations Conference
People & Places
New Products & Services
Associate Member Profiles
New School Members
Upcoming 2013-14 Events
Index to Advertisers

Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 3