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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CHAIR Remember "nailing it" requires you to step outside your bubble - talking to customers, students, fellow educators and salons is the only way to clearly understand the world we live in. Nailing It... So Important in so Many Ways! IN THE BEAUTY and wellness universe, we all know the importance of the multi-billion dollar nail industry. In fact, the legacy of Tippi Hedren's impact on the nail industry is inspirational to us all. Beauty Changes Lives honored Hedren for her contributions to this thriving industry. However, when I hear the term "nailing it," my thoughts also drift to the traditional definition of the phrase - you completed a task successfully or got something incredibly right. Obviously, we all strive for success and know the importance of getting things right. But sometimes in our schools, with the number of areas we have to address, the lines between drifting along and "nailing it" become a little blurred. Vibrancy in our Admissions Department. Educational excellence in our classrooms. Growth in our student salon. Successful placement for our graduates. Losing your focus on "nailing it" in any THE PROFESSIONAL NAIL service industry has evolved over the of these key areas can be detrimental to your entire years. The evolution encompasses everything from products operation. With so many important intersecting and styles to customers and nail technicians themselves. The one industry standard unaltered by time or trend: educators areas, how do you keep your zeal for nailing it? One concept that comes to mind is called and professionals must learn and adapt to be successful. Nail care is an important part of most women's health and "chunking" made popular by Life Planner Tony Robbins. Rather than having one continuous list beauty routines. It is a form of self-expression and dermatoloof things to do, which can be overwhelming at gists can tell a lot about your heath just by looking at your nails. times, Robbins recommends chunking to divide Many of us coordinate our nail polish to match the outfits we your personal life and work life up into segmented plan to wear, arrange our schedule to squeeze in a manicure/ areas of importance. In essence, you are breaking pedicure before a trip or special event and hit the salon before it into chunks. By compartmentalizing your areas making the switch to sandal season. of importance, you can focus on specific activities In the past year, women 55+ were the biggest spenders in the and action steps that will allow you to maintain professional nail service industry and customer demographics your "nailing it" attitude. are changing and expanding. Men are getting more manicures/ Another technique that is helpful to me is visual- pedicures than ever before and salon services customized for ization, which is often used in sports to help athletes children can mean big business. achieve top performance. For example, when a baseLike hair, nails are influenced by celebrities. First Lady ball player steps up to the plate, he visualizes hitting Michelle Obama wowed an international audience in 2012 a home run. Keeping that emotional visualization during the Democratic National Convention with her grey-lilac is helpful in staying focused on the task at hand. colored nails. When a White House spokesperson confirmed Also remember "nailing it" requires you to step the polish color and brand, manufacturers received an influx outside your bubble - talking to customers, stu- of orders from manicurists. Overnight, that hue became the dents, fellow educators and salon professionals top nail trend. Professionals and educators teaching future professionals is the only way to clearly understand the world we live in. Yes, we all do this, but is our focus must continue to improve their skills and keep informed of on "nailing it" keen enough to make the effort trends, products, practices and customer needs in order to stay impactful to our school? Sometimes we become relevant and effective. The upcoming Career Educators Alliance too overconfident, which is being so "right" you (CEA) Annual Convention - July 24-27, 2015 in Phoenix - is stop listening and continue to make mistakes that the event of the year for beauty and wellness educators. hold back your progress. Event attendees will have about 72, fun-filled and actionAfter nailing that important project, take time to packed hours to make connections and share best practices decompress. It's critical to relax and get prepared with educators from all over the nation, learn teaching physically, mentally and emotionally for the next methodology tips and tricks, and experience the latest round of activities. Someone once told me, it's not tools and techniques to keep you and your students on just about celebrating your success, it's also about the cutting edge. There are multiple hands-on workshops celebrating who you have grown into. and educational sessions focused on nails as well as a So step back, focus, and conmock classroom and student clinic. Visit centrate on "nailing it" for your for more information next project. about the CEA Annual Convention. Stay Sharp and Stay Ahead DON YEARWOOD AACS PRESIDENT 10 | B EAU TYLINK | NA ILI NG IT! | 2015 CAROL WOODARD CEA CHAIR

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