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MANLINK BY BEAUTYLINK STAFF Actually, in today's world it shouldn't be such a shock to anyone that a guy can be a nail technician and be successful in beauty and wellness. David Yocum: More than Meets the Eye DAVID YOCUM is a name many people know. He first jumped into the beauty industry by opening the largest beauty and wellness college in the Midwest. The 47-year-old Kansas native has been a mainstay of AACS, being involved in several committees and the leadership team that organizes the annual convention. He's currently the academy director of Bellus Academy's Manhattan, Kansas campus. He's currently the academy director of The Bellus Academy - Manhattan Campus. But Yocum's resume also includes another impressive fact: licensed nail technician. For our nail issue, Yocum shares with BeautyLink his journey into nails and the beauty industry. BL: How did you begin working in the beauty industry? David: I was working for a Fortune 500 company and had returned to college at night, while working during the day. The person I was in a relationship with was a cosmetologist. We opened up a salon and it started to really peak my interest. I was doing some consulting work for a school in our local area, so the whole idea of being in the industry was exciting. I had been a lead trainer for a division of the company I worked for and the idea of tying that experience and passion for education into the beauty and wellness industry was a great fit for me.   BL: Do you see more men wanting to study nails? David: I think overall we are seeing more men in the beauty and wellness industry, which is a great thing. I have seen more men in the last few years go through our nail technology program at the academy and that is very exciting for us.   BL: How active are you with nail education now? BL: What are some of your favorite current and upcoming nail trends? David: I no longer teach nails in the classroom, but I do keep up my license and continuing education for this profession. In 2004, I built a school inside of a 20,000-square-foot movie theater. I was actually presenting the school in a class at the American Association of Cosmetology Schools when I met Lynelle Lynch, president of Bellus Academy. To make a long story short, Lynelle and I had the same passion for the industry, and in 2011, our discussion lead to Lynelle acquiring my school (American Academy of Cosmetology & Massage Therapy) and bringing me into the Bellus Academy family. David: The coffin nail is a cool look. This is where we cut off the sharp end of an artificial tip (the stiletto nail) and it looks like a coffin. It's been a hot trend. The CND Spring line for polishes and additives are amazing, and the clients love them. Nail art has been in high gear and will continue to grow as people love to have a talking piece about their nails! BL: What are some of the reactions you get when people find out you are a nail technician? David: There are always GREAT reactions from people. Some people right out say, they don't believe it! Actually, in today's world it shouldn't be such a shock to anyone that a guy can be a nail technician and be successful in beauty and wellness. However, when someone does find out I'm a nail 20 technician, the first thing they ask is 'Can you do my nails?' I love it!   | B E AU TYLINK | N A ILI NG IT! | 2015 BL: What is your favorite and not-sofavorite thing about doing nails? David: My favorite thing about doing nails is helping people stop their busy lives and take a moment to be in one place focusing on themselves. Today with technology, social media and the busy world of business and raising families, people need a break and it's great that I get to be a part of that. I really don't have a not-so-favorite thing about doing nails other than getting a client that has been to someone who damaged their nails with overfilling, or overuse of a nail drill or product that is not healthy for the nails. I have a high standard and I believe everyone should always have their client's best interest at heart.

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