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MESSAGE FROM THE AACS PRESIDENT AND CEA CO-CHAIRS One thing is certain. A hairstylist can have amazing technical skills and be an average communicator, or he or she can possess average technical skills and “knock it out of the park” as a communicator. The latter will always be more successful. Can You Hear Me Now? THE QUESTION, “CAN you hear me now?” reminds me of the folk song lyrics, “Everybody’s talkin’ at me. I don’t hear a word they’re saying.” Four decades later, many of us can relate to the singer’s frustration! How do we effectively communicate in a world saturated with messages? Years ago, it was enough to print our contact information in the Yellow Pages and advertise in the local newspaper. Today, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Circles and an ever-expanding realm of new (and free) social networking channels. Communication has moved from a linear, one-way process to an integrated conversation connecting time zones and geographies. This shift can result in more harmonious communications or a cacophony of confusion. How do we communicate in today’s complex landscape? Seek first to listen. Is anyone talk- ing on your school’s social media channels? An absence of followers is a sign that you are on the wrong platform. Learn what platforms are most popular with your students. If they’re fixated on Facebook or have a passion for Pinterest, you probably shouldn’t tinker much with Twitter. What are your followers saying? The Millennial Generation is all about authenticity, so make sure it is not your school that is continually sending out the “we‘re the best” messages. Manage your brand. Owners must be vigilant about maintaining their brand. What message is your logo conveying? What do your recruiting materials say about your school? Silence as a strategy. Public figures know that not every attack warrants a reaction. This season of negotiated rule-making is a sensitive time for all parties. Protecting the integrity of our industry may occasionally require a mum approach. Speak up. AACS values members’ input, so don’t be hesitant to share your message loud and clear! CHRISTINE GORDON AACS PRESIDENT 10 | BE AU T Y L I NK | C AN YO U HEAR ME NOW? | 2013 Drawing it Out Every Day is a great theme for this issue, as CEA just wrapped up with some amazing inspirational speakers. If you weren’t actively listening, you missed some great wisdom being imparted amidst the ding of chiming slot machines! The atmosphere was electric with people reconnecting and forging new connections throughout Planet Hollywood. One of the messages heard loud and clear during CEA is that without educators, our schools are simply bricks and mortar. Educators live our mission, vision, values and goals every day, and they are the brand of our schools. The word educate is derived from Latin and means “to draw out.” Educators draw out the best in our students every day. Without educators’ communication skills, our schools have nothing to market. Communication was also the fabric woven through many CEA sessions, including one on how each of us communicates differently. Personality type determines a person’s intonation, whether he or she is more prone to spark conversation or be an inverted “thinker” and, ultimately, how successful he or she will be as a hairstylist. Being able to read a person’s personality type is key to communicating whether it’s a client in the chair or a student in the classroom. After all, most clients and students don’t care as much about great technical skills as about how you make them feel. Feeling begins with being a great communicator. Being able to intuit whether a client wants to engage in conversation or simply relax in the chair, or how to connect with a student lacking confidence, sets an educator apart. One thing is certain. A hairstylist can have amazing technical skills and be an average communicator, or he or she can possess average technical skills and “knock it out of the park” as a communicator. The latter will always be more successful. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? CAROL WOODARD AND DAN CAVANAGH CEA CO-CHAIRS

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Rejuvenate Your Passion for Business
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Mobilizing Your Business Is a Thing of Beauty
Open Door Leaders
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Beauty Link - Volume 5, Issue 4