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s we have gone to a quarterly format for our magazine it makes writing our
articles a bit farther out from a timeline perspective. Today is December 13,
2018 and we have an article deadline of Jan 3, 2019 for the February 2019
issue. I have to shake off the Christmas spirit and think forward to February when
this article will be read.
It certainly isn't impossible but an interesting exercise for sure. The first thing on
my mind is my sincere appreciation and thanks to all of the members that helped
us celebrate our 80th anniversary. It was a fun year with a lot of great events and
programs with record attendance. The next thing I am thankful for is our great
board of directors that give their time so freely, the staff at our office that work
so hard to make our events successful and our Affinity Partners that add value for
our members.
We started the New Year rekindling our plans for 2019 that will be rolled out at our
AGM, which is being held February 28. Be sure to attend so you can hear the good
news first hand. This will be Jay Secord's last AGM as chairman and we are thankful
for his guidance, direction and leadership over the past two years. We look forward
to working with Ron Tu as he takes the helm for the next two years. Ron has many
plans for the association and will challenge the board of directors to achieve great
things in the coming years.
As you are aware, we are a not-for-profit organization and are always thankful
for our members and their contributions and support. Revenue generation is a key
focus and we have been very grateful in being able to survive without the revenue
derived from an annual trade show. Fortunately, we have been able to add the
flooring association's management to our portfolio, which provides a wider array of
information, events and education for our industries and to our members.
A number of our financial accomplishments this past year were achieved through
the success from our group health plan, property insurance and our credit card
processing plans. The partnership with John McGrath of ZLC has resulted in the
retention of current member groups and securing a number of new large member
groups and as our insurance pool grows, we all benefit with better rates and
coverage. The same is to be said for our partnership we have with James Clay
and J.T. Insurance Services (Canada) Inc. for commercial property, as many of
our members have increased their coverage with substantial premium savings.
In addition, we have seen our members benefit from their relationship with
Tom Bremner of Baseline Processing who offers better than industry rates for credit
card processing. Please give me a call at 604-328-3460 if you would like to discuss
these programs further.
As in any good business, we are aware of the need to provide value to our
"customers" (members). With the aforementioned and all other events, training and
education programs listed in this magazine, we believe that we provide great value
for our members and are committed to continue to build on our value proposition
even more in 2019.
Be sure to attend our AGM February 28 at Vinoscenti Vineyards to learn even
more about our exciting future plans.
Thank you,

Thomas Foreman



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