Member Appreciation Breakfast


n the morning of July 12th, we held our Annual Member Breakfast.
We had a gold and green theme, as we continue with our yearlong
celebration of our 80th Anniversary.

The board of directors, members and alumni were there bright and early
to give us a hand in the set up and came through by helping us cook the
sausages, pancakes and eggs for all to enjoy. The flow of members was
constant and all- in- all we had just over 100 attending. The weather was
spectacular as was the coming together of old friends and new. We had our
usual show and shine with many classic cars for everyone to view. Thank
you to all those who brought vehicles for display.
We held prize draws, provided by our affinity partners, and those lucky
enough to have their name drawn, left with something.
Many of our affinity partners were on sight, including, Sandman Inns &
Suites, Baseline Processing (credit card processing), ZLC Financial, Petro
Canada, Mercedes-Benz Vans, and Resolution.
There were table top displays with members, Henry Company, Megapro,
Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd., and WorkSafe showing their wares.
Thanks to Falcon Equipment for supplying and parking their flat deck truck.
It was another successful member appreciation breakfast. Thank you for
your support, see you next year! 





he Canadian credit card
processing landscape is about to
become a bit safer for Merchants
and Consumers. At one time or
another we've all been asked to supply
the three digit code from the back of
our credit card. Merchants who have
asked for this security code, known as
the CVV Number, did so because it's
challenging for hackers to link a card
number with its CVV. The two numbers
are kept in separate databases and
effort is made to keep them from
being easily joined.
This practice is about to become a
whole lot more common. Beginning
October 14th it will be mandatory
for Canadian Merchants to collect
CVV codes on card-not-present
transactions. These will include all

transactions that are not processed
face-to-face through a POS terminal.
The expected result of this
nationwide initiative is a significant
reduction in the most common types
of credit card fraud. And it will help
Mail Order, Telephone Order and
eCommerce businesses. But it's been
my experience that when one avenue
of fraud is closed or made more
secure thieves either seek out new
avenues or return to old ones.
When Canadian banks first
adopted Chip/PIN technology
what we saw was a dramatic shift
away from card-present scams into
card-not-present fraud. Once CVV
collection becomes ubiquitous, I
think that we're all going to have
to be on our guard for an uptick
in face-to-face fraud. In fact, I've


Improved Credit Card
Processing Security

already begun seeing an increase in
the sophistication of these attacks.
As members of the BSIA, you all
have access to my team's advice. I
highly recommend giving us a call
so that we can prepare you for some
of the clever methods being used by
today's fraudsters. 



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