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needs California manufacturing more than ever M by Gino DiCaro anufacturing is the engine high-tech manufacturing processes have created that drove California's rise new opportunities for California firms and their work- to an economic powerhouse ers. Smaller and more specialized companies are able in the decades after World to start and grow here by connecting to diverse sup- War II. Companies here have pliers and serving large consumer markets. More than become the most innovative 50 percent of the state's manufacturers have less than and productive in the world, 10 employees. Large companies with long histories in boasting employment and investments that form the California are leaders in innovation and they play a major backbone of the economy. Now the changing face of role in state and global markets. They share exper- manufacturing through the use of information technology, tise and supply connections with smaller firms who can robotics and lean processes is providing new evidence grow into the next generation of manufacturing. that manufacturing is a good California manufacturing is diverse fit for California's economy. If TOP TEN MFG INDUSTRIES state policies are competitive 268 and attractive to manufacturing investments and employment, benefits in economic growth and prosperity. The statistics tell a story of manufacturing's massive contributions to the state's economy. We have the largest JOBS IN THOUSANDS the state will reap tremendous concentration of manufacturing in the nation with close to 1.3 million workers. Manufacturing is the middle class heart of the Computer & electronic products 148 Food 106 Transportation equipment 86 Miscellaneous durable goods sell itself as the lowest cost option, but it doesn't always need to. Customers increasingly need customized pro- Chemical duction and rapid response 74 56 Machinery times. Some manufacturers 51 45 41 will value regionalized supply Apparel chains to lower transportation Beverage & tobacco costs and shorten times to Plastics & rubber serve local markets. Higher Printing & related support worker productivity and bet- Source: California Labor Market Information Dept. average wages with a multiplier effect supporting millions of other jobs in the economy. We are the most productive, energy-efficient and ter value for customers from these features can overcome unavoidable costs to doing business in the state. These reasons won't work for everyone, but many firms value these benefits and will choose California if innovative firms in the country with the lowest per capita lawmakers and regulators also manage infrastructure, greenhouse gas emissions among industrialized states. education, taxes and regulations to promote manufac- In 2014 we generated $255 billion in output -- approxi- turing. mately 11 percent of U.S. manufacturing production. Technological advancements in all traditional and 16 facturing investments and employment. California can't 76 economy, paying $77,000 in page States are competing with each other for new manu- California Manufacturers CMTA is dedicated to educating lawmakers about these issues. We share information about the health of

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President's Message
Issues Affecting Manufacturers in 2016
Climate Change: California leadership on climate change increases energy costs for manufacturers
Workforce: Growing the next generation manufacturing workforce
Tax: Tax battles will heat up in 2016
Drought: Make sure the drought doesn't leave you high and dry
Workers' Comp: Workers' comp reforms needed sooner than later
California Needs Manufacturing More Than Ever
8 Ways California Manufacturers Can Fight and Win in 2016
A Few More Things

California Manufacturers & Technology Association - 2016 Guide