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8 01 Ways to FIgHT And wIn In 2016 TAlk To your legIslATor * Call to request a short phone or in-person appointment to talk about advocacy from CMTA. you can use CMTA's your operation in the district and legislative scorecard to congratulate what you hope to see improved in them for voting for manufacturing, or California. if the score is low, ask them to support * At the meeting, briefly describe how your company provides value Legislators want to learn about to the community - your number Ask if they would like to hear from you They need to hear about your challenges of employees, products, local again, and follow up as appropriate. and opportunities for growth in their suppliers, how long you've been in districts. If a legislator is unavailable, operation. Highlight what makes their staff will be happy to meet with you you most proud of your company - and share your information. the innovation, stories of employee Just one 15-minute contact success, environmental programs, each year is an excellent way to start: major investments or community one or two challenges to growing in * use CMTA's online directory to find the phone number for your Senator California. Ask if there will be efforts to and Assemblyperson address these challenges in 2016. 02 enCourAge your eMPloyees To voTe Like all Californians, your employees care about their families, them to vote and learn about the issues using online tools like bIPAC - a national, * Help educate employees about important issues * describe where the candidates stand * Communicate with candidates about * those issues * register employees to vote or request an early ballot * Mobilize employees to "get out the vote" Contact gino diCaro at CMTA if non-partisan program to help businesses you are interested in starting a program for communicate with employees about your company in 2016. issues and voting. California Manufacturers - Senator Jim Cooper bIPAC to: jobs and communities. elections is how their voice will be heard. you can remind I want to learn how manufacturers are affected by laws and regulations. It helps me do my job when I understand your challenges and opportunities." Many large and small companies use on those issues 22 manufacturing in the future. * Thank them for their time and attention! your operation, products and employees. involvement. Tell them about your top page * Mention that you learn about issues and Our partnership with BIPAC helps us educate and mobilize our employees on issues that affect our company and the importance of voting in elections. We encourage our fellow manufacturers to do the same so we can secure a better future for manufacturing in California." - donna gehlhaardt, International Paper

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President's Message
Issues Affecting Manufacturers in 2016
Climate Change: California leadership on climate change increases energy costs for manufacturers
Workforce: Growing the next generation manufacturing workforce
Tax: Tax battles will heat up in 2016
Drought: Make sure the drought doesn't leave you high and dry
Workers' Comp: Workers' comp reforms needed sooner than later
California Needs Manufacturing More Than Ever
8 Ways California Manufacturers Can Fight and Win in 2016
A Few More Things

California Manufacturers & Technology Association - 2016 Guide