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President's Message CMTA wILL be your guIde For A wILd rIde In 2016 I t's impossi- unemployment and poverty will persist in too many ble to pre- regions of the state. dict what You can influence the choices that will be California legis- made by elected officials and regulators on these lators, regulators and other topics. When manufacturers speak with a and voters will united voice, people listen to our powerful message. do between now In these pages we will recommend actions you can and 2017. That take that are simple, quick and effective to make them doesn't mean aware how their decisions will impact manufacturers you shouldn't like you. CMTA lobbyists do a wonderful job telling try to anticipate officials how bills and regulations help or hurt you, but changes that could impact your investments, employ- your personal stories make the difference to get good ees, and expansion plans. In fact, a one-year look policies passed into law. ahead is hardly enough when manufacturing invest- You can help us convince officials that get- ments depend on many years to provide a return. ting it right for manufacturing is crucial for California's Whenever possible we will peer farther than 2016 and future. They need to know that growing manufactur- beg for forgiveness if hindsight proves us wrong! ing jobs is the answer to income inequality by increas- Our goal is to prepare you for the challenging ing opportunities for underemployed workers. You can year ahead in California politics and policy. One guar- share information about your innovative, clean, and anteed-true prediction is that 2016 will set the pol- energy efficient operations that will thrive in California icy-making stage for the next decade and California with the right tax and regulatory climate. manufacturers will feel the impact. The year 2016 will include a presidential election in November with a ballot that could include CMTA is proud to represent the interests of California manufacturers in Sacramento. My staff of lobbyists and service providers are available to hear measures to increase property taxes, extend taxes from you at any time. Please enjoy this magazine on higher income earners, and raise the minimum and thank you for letting us support your success in wage to $15. Even if it rains this winter, the drought California. won't be officially over and regulators could turn up the pressure on manufacturers, farmers and other water users. California agencies are putting together plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and beyond. We believe the economy will continue to add private sector jobs, but manufacturers will Dorothy Rothrock, President of CMTA have trouble finding skilled workers and high-rates of The future is bright for small firms like mine who have the support of major trade associations like CMTA. Pamela Kan, bishop-wisecarver and CMTA executive Committee Chairman California Manufacturers page 5

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of California Manufacturers & Technology Association - 2016 Guide

President's Message
Issues Affecting Manufacturers in 2016
Climate Change: California leadership on climate change increases energy costs for manufacturers
Workforce: Growing the next generation manufacturing workforce
Tax: Tax battles will heat up in 2016
Drought: Make sure the drought doesn't leave you high and dry
Workers' Comp: Workers' comp reforms needed sooner than later
California Needs Manufacturing More Than Ever
8 Ways California Manufacturers Can Fight and Win in 2016
A Few More Things

California Manufacturers & Technology Association - 2016 Guide