California Manufacturers & Technology Association - 2019 Guide - 13



by Gino Dicaro


s the U.S. manufacturing sector advances, the
pathways to developing and acquiring talent
are also changing to keep pace. Automation

and technology has risen in importance, especially in
the manufacturing supply chain, and secondary education must reflect current employment needs by offering
a wider variety of training options for career choices,
including Apprenticeships that take the place of typical
school programs for technical-style work.
While manufacturers are ideally equipped to define

the skills they need to succeed, they can't go it alone.
The apprenticeship model, which brings together community colleges and employers, is rapidly taking hold as
a viable training approach that can effectively build the
manufacturing workforce of the future.
The single largest element that differentiates an Apprenticeship Program from other learning systems is the
alignment and connectivity between academic learning
and hands-on, practical on-the-job training.
CMTA member companies such as IBM, Caterpillar,
Alcoa, The Dow Chemical Company, and others have all
successfully established apprenticeships in their U.Sbased facilities for years. They have reaped the benefits
of these programs, namely as a way to develop a highly

with new money coming online from California legislation

skilled and qualified workforce that is certified, highly

that we helped pass in 2018.

motivated and work-ready.
The process of starting an apprenticeship program

Your company and your workers will reap tremendous
benefits with a successful program. Contact CMTA's Rob

includes workforce planning, building your business

Sanger at 916-498-3334 or if you'd like

case for an Apprenticeship program, establishing critical

to start a new Apprenticeship program or to receive subsi-

public-private partnerships, and marketing your program.

dies for your existing registered program.

While it can be daunting, CMTA is here to help. We can

CMTA also has a $1 million multiple employment con-

assist with the development of your program and help

tract with California's Employment Training Panel. We can

get you subsidies through our partnerships with existing

help deliver this money so manufacturers of all sizes can get

and emerging federal apprenticeship grant programs and

funding for basic incumbent training programs.

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