California Manufacturers & Technology Association - 2019 Guide - 16

2019 Manufacturing Issues

Modern Supply Chain
"The future is now" for California manufacturers making
decisions to position themselves for long-term success, on both
the technological and public policy fronts.
Companies are making choices now that will determine
their success or failure in the years ahead. The technology-based decisions can be risky and costly, whether it's hiring
new workers, installing advanced equipment, embracing cutting-edge energy saving technologies or even relocating major
operations to modernize, capture savings and remain competitive.
The pace of technology change is being matched by an
equally fast rate of regulatory change which will add more challenges for manufacturers. Lawmakers will be debating how to
protect citizens and workers from the risks of new technologies
and ways of doing business. The year 2019 will usher in a new
Governor and legislators who may adopt policies that will require
manufacturers and other businesses to be even more creative,
nimble and adaptable.
In the following articles we highlight some of the major
policy issues that will be debated in 2019 and could impact California manufacturers in the years to come.



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