California Manufacturers & Technology Association - 2019 Guide - 23

When is grassroots engagement right
for manufacturers?
Manufacturers count on CMTA's government relations
team to lobby for their business interests in the State
Capitol and in our regulatory agencies. CMTA plays an
integral role in educating lawmakers and we never stop
fighting for sensible policies to help manufacturers grow
in California.
There is a gap though between our advocacy efforts and
the success of competing interests and their well-organized grassroots campaigns. Often CMTA is up against
powerful and effective grassroots approaches and their
armies of loyal engagers. Today, it's not enough to just
deploy lobbyists into legislative offices and hearings on
big issues. There must be a sincere and substantially
sized effort from the affected community. Even more
so now because of a large upswing in the regular use of
easy-to-use digital advocacy to generate support and
political cover for legislators.
This is why CMTA is making it easier for you to engage
the legislature on bills from our MFG Maker Breaker list
- which highlights bills that have the largest impact on
California manufacturers. We created a simple opt-in text
system so you can get the alerts and take quick action on
your phone, where you can send a pre-formatted tweet or
email to your legislator. And if you really care about the
topic, we make it easy to call your legislator and log the
call in the system.
So, when is grassroots engagement the right move for a
manufacturer? You'll know if you opt-in to our text alerts
system by texting "mfgchamp" to 916-571-9360 or if you
sign up as a Champion online at! 2019 is going
to be a big year in Sacramento and we got your back.


Send preformatted emails and
tweets to your representatives

Never miss a chance to send a
message to your legislator.
You can get text alerts so you can engage from your
phone on critical bills.

Text "mfgchamp"
to 916-571-9360
or sign up as a MFG Champion in the
red box at

Bills that threaten CA
MFG still alive in last 3
days of CA leg session.
Click here to engage.

AB 1565 imposes cost
hikes on CA small mfg.
Click here to take action

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